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Wufenpu (Taiwan)

It’s getting close to a year since my trip to Taiwan and I’m determined to finally finish posting the highlights of my trip. One of the must stops when we visit is a trip to Wufenpu (五分埔), a shopping heaven for women who like getting cheap deals on clothes.

Taiwan is full of day and night markets where you can get bargain clothes, shoes, and accessories, but all those vendors actually get their clothing supply from the suppliers located at Wufenpu, a wholesale garment market which is the largest clothing market in Taiwan.

The open market is full of hundreds of vendors and encompasses several streets. I’ve spent hours there on each trip but never been able to walk the entire market. After a while it does get repetitive because many of the vendors carry the same merchandise.

It’s especially great for women, as most of the vendors carry women’s clothing. I’ve found skirts, shirts, and dresses in the past (ranging from $3-8), many of which I still wear. You’ll see a lot of racks with clothes priced at 100NT which is about $3.

Like any market, there’s good food too.

Steamed Squid

This is one of our favorites. Freshly steamed hot squid pieces are served with a spicy dipping sauce. It’s so simple yet really delicious, even on a hot day.

There’s often chopped fruit and milk tea too.

Fish balls

Click here to find out exactly how to travel to Wufenpu. Please note, the market does not open until the afternoon, around 1pm. It’s easy to reach by the MRT. We were shopping so long that it was already dark by the time we finished!

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6 comments on “Wufenpu (Taiwan)”

  1. Love and miss Taiwan! I haven’t been to Wufenpu yet, will definitely have to make the rounds there the next time I go back.

    Your wedding portraits are gorgeous!

  2. Whoa, I didn’t know that there were Quickly stores in Taiwan! Also, you must have had better luck than me for clothing from Wufenpu because everything I’ve bought from there has frays or missing buttons now ^^”

    • You know I didn’t even realize it was a Quickly until I was looking through my photos. haha. I had the same reaction. Hmm, yeah there are definitely some clothes at Wufenpu that are too cheap and not very good. I try to be very careful when examining them and some places let you try it on. I think I’ve only had maybe 2 items where I thought it was fine and then it didn’t fit well on me later, but it was only 100NT so I didn’t care so much.

  3. that squid looks delicious!

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