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Zion Market Food Court

Zion Market Food Court
4611 Mercury Street
San Diego, CA 92111

Inside Zion Market, there is a small food court.  I've passed by it so many times, thinking I need to try it out sometime.  After eating at the Lawrence Plaza Korean food court in the Bay Area, I really wanted to check out the food court in Zion Market.  This weekend, I made a point of visiting Zion Market during lunch time so that Boyfriend and I could check out the food court.

There is a Korean style restaurant and a Japanese style restaurant. 

I chose to order from the Korean place, Happy Family. 

Boyfriend ordered from the Japanese food place. 

I loved the za jiang (soy bean) noodles I had at the Lawrence Korean food court.  So when I saw za jiang noodles at Happy Family, I decided to order that.

My meal came with a lot of sauce and a couple of banchan dishes.  I was disappointed with the za jiang (soy bean) sauce though.  It was watery and bland tasting.  There also wasn't many ingredients in the sauce.  The noodles also weren't as chewy as I would have liked. 

Boyfriend ordered the bento box. It came with a lot of food, including a spicy tuna roll, chicken katsu, gyoza.

I had a couple bites, and thought the food tasted just okay.  It was the type of food you would expect from a food court.  I think the Lawrence Korean food court has ruined me from other food courts.

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5 comments on “Zion Market Food Court”

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  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll try the dumplings next time I eat there!

  3. the za jiang noodles went sour the next day!! and it was in the fridge all day!! i wonder what that says about the quality of the sauce

  4. This food court look so nice and all food and dishes look so decorative I am very glad to seen this food I fell hungry after I am saw this food I hope it will delicious and testy one.

  5. Your post reminds me of how me and my sis order when we go to Zion – I end up at Happy Family and she ends up ordering the Tonkatsu from the other place!
    You should try Happy Family’s fried gyoza/dumplings next time! I think it’s the best thing on their menu. I tried their spicy noodle soup (or something) and thought it was just ok. But the dumplings were the best – they were huge!
    We’ve had the katsu from the other place twice now. It always tasted super dry.
    Go back and try the dumplings 🙂