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Zion Market

Zion Market
4611 Mercury Street
San Diego, CA 92111

Zion Market is a large Korean grocery store in San Diego.  I like going there for a variety of things.  You can find their weekly flier online at their website.

One of the reasons I like to come here is for the cheap produce.  They usually have super cheap fruits and vegetables on sale. The produce they have on sale can be ridiculously cheap- cheaper than any other store in San Diego.  For example, this one time spinach bunches were on sale for $.10 each!! And the spinach bunches were huge- twice to three times the size of a regular bunch of spinach.

Zion also sells Korean marinated meats.  I like pick up some marinated short ribs and cook them at home.  They are well marinated at Zion and are pretty easy to cook at home and much cheaper than getting it at a restaurant.

I also like to come and pick up kim bop (Korean sushi rolls).  Zion has a variety of kim bop.  It makes a good lunch or snack.

Here is some close-ups of the kim bop I bought with the imitation crab meat:

They also have a huge section of kimchi and the little korean dishes you usually get at Korean restaurants. 

Zion also has a sashimi section, though I have never bought anything from there.  It also has a decent sized bakery.

It also has a food court and some small shops.

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6 comments on “Zion Market”

  1. Thanks! I love the kim bop! and I’ve been buying a lot of strawberries there lately. Sweet and cheap!

  2. ooh I love your pictures a lot! I love Zion too.. the fruits are so fresh and the kim bop is delicious!

  3. Hi Carol- I’ve never tried the fruit cake either, but it does look pretty.

  4. I love Zion. I usually get a few banchan when I make kalbi but the containers are usually quite large, too much for only 2 people. But I still love them! I’ve gotten the marinated short ribs before and they are decent in a pinch. Love that beautiful fruit cake. I’ll have to check that out next time I’m there.

  5. Hi Dennis- I love the sesame oil flavor too! And the smell! yum. In the Bay Area where I’m from, there are lots of Korean markets with so many food options. Too bad there aren’t more in San Diego.

  6. I love the light sesame oil flavor in kimbap! My sister lived in Korea for a year as an exchange student many years ago and we’d go to Korean markets all the time in L.A..