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Zorbas Restaurant

The other day, BF and I were in the Chula Vista area, so we decided to stop by Zorbas for lunch. Zorbas offers a greek buffet, as well as a menu you can order from. I love that the lunch is served until 4 pm. You can read about my first visit here.

For $10.95, I think there is a good selection of items. Almost all my favorite greek dishes are available. The servers are very friendly too.

It’s always hard to take pictures of the buffet display, so I just took some pictures of the food that BF and I got.

Here is some lemon chicken, pork, tabouli, gyro meat, green beans cooked in a tomato broth. I really love the green beans. The pork was really tender. The lemon chicken was a little dry but BF really liked it.

Here’s some roasted chicken, mousaka, and the fish soup. The fish soup is one of my favorite things here. It has a tomato based broth and has chunks of fish, shrimp, etc. It’s like a seafood chowder. I also really like the mousaka which is like a vegetarian lasagna.

Here’s some more meat and rice pilaf.

Here is a sample of desserts. I always find the desserts to be too sweet, so I only took a small bite of each one. The hairy one reminded me of frosted wheat cereal.

Zorbas Restaurant
100 Broadway
Chula Vista, CA
(619) 422-8853

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4 comments on “Zorbas Restaurant”

  1. LOL @ the hairy one. I love Greek food so much that I don’t usually have room for dessert and coming from me that’s saying something! I could eat tabouli each and every day of my life and be quite content.

  2. I want to go to Zorba’s again. You’re right about how hard it is to take pix of the buffet, especially when other people are there! Their pastries are way sweet too.

    From their buffet, I really liked their spanakopita. I was surprised I liked it because it had feta cheese, which I normally hate.

    I like the wide variety of foods at this buffet and the people working there were super nice.

    • Yeah lots of people and the kitchen window is overlooking the buffet too. So hard to sneak in pics! I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks the pastries are too sweet.
      I’m not in this area much, but when I am, I love coming here!