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Last week it was Little Brother's birthday.  He loves sushi so we decided to take him to Tadashi, which has an all you can eat option at the sushi bar. The AYCE option is $26 for dinner.  You have a 1.5 hour limit and this is the list of sushi options:


The sushi prices at Tadashi are a bit on the expensive side, so the AYCE option is actually a pretty good deal if you are in the mood for sushi.  The fish quality at Tadashi is slightly above average in my opinion.  It's better than really cheap sushi joints like Sushi Deli, but not as good as other Japanese places like Sakura.

All the boys opted for the AYCE option.  The girls declined. I wavered for a long time. The menu for the all you can eat option sounded good, but choosing the all you can eat option would mean I would have to eat all that rice from the nigiri. And I really didn't want to stuff myself with rice, especially when I don't even like rice much.  So I ended up declining. 

They made the people doing the AYCE sit together.  That way they can keep their eyes on you and also instead of having each person fill out their own order sheet, you just mark enough for the entire group and they serve the sushi that way as well, using large platters instead of several of little plates.

Since it was Little Brother's birthday, we started off with some sake.  Since Little Brother doesn't really like the taste of sake, we ordered this sweet nigori sake.  He enjoyed it.

We told the serves it was Little Brother's bday, and the sushi chef gave him this pretty Aladdin bottle sake for a birthday present!

The all you can eaters started off with some gyoza.

Then they were given some salad with a variety of sashimi pieces inside.  This wasn't on the menu.

Since I didn't participate in the all you can eat, I'm just going to show the next set of photos of all the different sushi they ordered.  Baby brother took the pictures with his camera. Hope you enjoy the sushi porn images.

All in all, the boys didn't eat nearly as much as they usually do.  They were doing a count of how many pieces they ate.  I believe Boyfriend had the highest count with 28 pieces!  This was much less than at any other all you can eat sushi places they've been to. There's a two order limit on the amaebi and the uni.  The uni nigiri had only a tiny bit of uni on it.

Here is my chirashi bowl


It had a good amount of sashimi pieces. I think about 12 or 13 pieces.

My sister ordered the blond roll, which used soy wrapper instead of the traditional nori skin.

I don't remember the name of the roll Brother's gf ordered, but here are some pics:

The service has never been great at this place, and tonight was no exception.  Usually Japanese restaurants have some really friendly service.  This one does not.  They are not very attentive and I'm not crazy about their attitudes either.

6 comments on “Tadashi”

  1. OMG! Your pics are incredible!
    I went there last year a little bit ago and didn’t like their sushi. I’ve seen ppl do the AYCE but I’m like you – i don’t want to fill up on the rice and I didn’t see anything on the AYCE menu that anything substantial that was non-rice.
    But the pics of the AYCE items looked fresh and so good! I would totally order all that stuff if they didn’t make you eat the rice 🙂
    And yes the service was horrible. Everytime I’ve been there the service was slow and not very attentive/all that nice.
    Wonderful post!

  2. The staff are all Korean. And the Mexican chefs are better than the Korean ones.
    For AYCE I think it’s the best option in SD. Way better than Todai or Onami.

  3. The sushi did look really tasty that night! I kept regretting not doing the AYCE, but then I kept reminding myself how much rice I would have to eat.

  4. Oops. thanks for correcting me. My brother told me the staff was Korean also. I agree that the sushi is better quality than Todai or Onami.

  5. Hello
    These all food seems really very delicious and hope I could be there.Sushi is my favorite food.Thank you for sharing this with us.

  6. It was pretty good. I wanted to eat the AYCE nigiri platters too.

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