Double chocolate cake mix cookies

I had some friends visiting this weekend and wanted to whip up a quick dessert.  I didn't have much time since we had just come back from dinner.  Since my friends have quite a sweet tooth, I opted to make some chocolate chocolate chip cake mix cookies.  Chocolatey, soft, and gooey.  These cookies are a great dessert to whip up when you are in a time crunch.

I've been trying to get better at taking step by step pictures, but I was in a rush for this recipe, so sorry there are no step by steps!


Chocolate chocolate chip cake mix cookies


  • 1 box of your favorite chocolate cakemix (preferably one with pudding mix added already.  I've used milk chocolate, dark chocolate, devil's food)
  • 1 cup baking chocolate chips
  • halfway in-between 1/3 and 1/2 cup oil
  • 2 eggs


1. Mix together in a large bowl the cake mix, eggs and oil, using
large mixing spoon, until dough is well combined.

2. After the dough has come together, stir in chocolate chips.

3. Take chunks of cookie dough, rolling between your palms to make 1 inch round balls.   Place cookies on sheet, about one inch apart.

4.  Bake at 350 degrees, for 6-8 minutes.  Cool for a few minutes before serving.

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