Twenty/20 Grill & Wine Bar

Twenty Grill is a restaurant located inside the beautiful Sheraton Resort in Carlsbad.  A few weeks ago, FH and I went to go dine there.

It’s been a while since we had a “date night” type dinner, so it was fun to dress up and go out. It’s too bad the sun is setting so early now because I would have loved to see the resort in the daylight.

There is complimentary valet parking for customers dining at Twenty/20 Grill.


We came on a Sunday and sat in a comfy booth.  Sundays is “primetime Sundays” and you can get prime rib with baked potato for either $20.20 (10 oz cut), $28.20 (14 oz cut) or $42.20 (32 oz cut).

The regular menu is available as well.

We started with a French 75 cocktail.

Gin, lemon juice, sparkling wine, cane sugar. It was quite tasty and sweet. I liked the dollop of sugar sitting at the bottom of the glass.

We were then given some complimentary bread with a whipped butter.

For our appetizer, we chose an artisan salumi plate, which came with three types of meat.

We were a little underwhelmed by the offerings on the plate.

FH ordered the Korean BBQ skirt steak, which was the Chef’s monthly feature.

The skirt steak was tender with a sweet glaze and accompanied with a colorful assortment of vegetables. It tasted okay but it wasn’t anything special and a little overpriced in our opinion. We had hoped for some more bold flavors.

I opted to try the prime rib. I chose the Queen cut which is 10 ounces.

The steak arrived with a side of baked potato and a trio of sauces

The baked potato was actually whipped potatoes that are then placed back in the potato shell and baked. I liked the smooth, creamy potato. I ordered the prime rib a medium rare. It looked pink enough, but upon trying to cut in, the meat was really really tough. It was pretty disappointing.

We also ordered a side of green beans. French green beans were cooked with a bleu cheese butter. They were fresh, crisp, and a beautiful green. It was my favorite part of the meal.

We had a fun night out, but the food was a bit disappointing. Nothing really stood out and I wouldn’t recommend the prime rib. The cocktails and green beans were my favorite part.

Thanks EJ for providing us with the dining certificate. We had a fun time despite the food only being so-so.


Twenty/20 Grill & Wine Bar
5480 Grand Pacific Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Ph: 760.827.2500

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2 comments on “Twenty/20 Grill & Wine Bar”

  1. Aw bummer that the food was just so-so because everything looked so good. Dang, I was hoping the prime rib was decent. Oh well.

    • I was excited when I saw the prime rib on the menu. But the meat was super tough. It didn’t look too well done so I think it was the meat they were using. They said something about it being from a local farm, no harmones, etc, but the meat wasn’t good at all.

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