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Recently, a few of our friends came down to visit from LA. They requested brunch, breweries, and carne asada fries.

We’ve always been more about the burritos and nachos so we actually haven’t explored carne asada fries too much. We’ve heard that Lolita’s makes the best carne asada fries in San Diego. DH and I had visited once previously and while we had loved the crispy fries, the carne asada had been a salt mine. Looking back, this might have just been a fluke as we had come around closing time.


On this visit, we could definitely understand why people love the carne asada fries here. The fries are thin and crunchy. A lot of other renditions have soggy fries. The carne asada was well seasoned and it had was also served with guacamole and cheese. A lot of places don’t include the guacamole but I think it adds a refreshing relief from just meat and cheese.

Our friends also ordered a shrimp quesadilla which they had heard good things about. I didn’t get a chance to try it but they liked it.

I’ll definitely be back again for the fries and to try the quesadilla. Are there any other favorite spots for carne asada fries I should be trying?

Lolita’s Taco Shop
7305 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92111
other location in SD as listed on restaurant website
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  1. Those must be some food loving friends! LOL

  2. Carne Asada anything here is on point. Same owners as Cotixan down the street & You can totally tell by the orange sauce. Hands down the highest quality Carne Asada in SD, as far as 24hr joints are concerned. Their Carne Asada Chips = largest portion size in the city. Their Burrito options are a nice change of pace from the typical 24hr SDMex offerings. The Cali Burrito comes with the works, so no having to pay extra for crema/guacamole. Have em add well done bacon to whatever you order to make it extra special 🙂

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve seen this place but haven’t been. My friends are coming back for another beer and carne asada run so this will be great to try some new places.

  3. I think there’s one of these around the corner from me! I haven’t been in yet, though, because their slogan is something like “the key to good food is patience” and, well, I don’t like waiting 🙂 But maybe I could wait for those carne asada fries. They look REALLY good.

    How Bout Some Cake?

    • I haven’t tried the other locations other than the one in Kearny Mesa. I actually didn’t know they had others until I went on their website while writing this post! Hopefully the one near you is just as good and not too long of a wait!

  4. Lolita’s is our favorite place for carne asada fries, definitely. I’ve also tried them at Cotixan but they were a bit inconsistent. I also love the carnitas and adobada there!

    • I love Cotixan’s carne asada nachos and burritos but I guess the fries are inconsistent. I had them once and they were pretty good. I recommended my friends to check it out after I had to part ways with them and they didn’t like it at all. Not sure if it was just an off moment or what. I’ll have to try the carnitas and abobada next time!

  5. You should check out La Puerta in Gaslamp. It’s right by Horton Plaza (that’s where I will usually park if I go). I think it’s the best quality and best tasting CAF I’ve ever had. It’s definitely pricier, but if you go for happy hour it costs just as much as CAF from any other mexican restaurant. Great margaritas too!

  6. I always bring out-of-towners to Lolita’s as well!

    If I’m really hungry, I order ahead by phone to avoid waiting.

    When I used to live near one of the locations in Chula Vista, I had their number saved on my phone!

  7. The Original Lolita’s in Chula Vista (Telegraph Canyon Road near the 805) or the Lolita’s in Bonita. And although I haven’t had one in a long time, they also make a good California burrito.

    I also like Cotijas for their potato rolled tacos.

  8. My favorite at Lolitas is the Shrimp Burrito, with a grilled tortilla to make it crispier. Definitely try it next time!

  9. jvs taco shop in morena! their fries are thicker but it comes with everything! sourcream, guacamole, salsa, all u would want in carne asada fries!

  10. You can also get tacos de papa (rolled as flautas or as fried tacos) at Aqui es Texcoco (but why go there for that when they have lamb, right?), or Don Vicente (in Nat’l City) – theirs are really thin. it’s just seasoned mashed potatoes in a taco but fried! so gooood!

  11. I personally am not a fan of Lolita’s carne asada fries. tho their fries are good itself, their toppings seemed a bit skimpy to me and the CA was a bit dry last time i went. I like super sergios better for CA fries and california burrito. they also offer it deep fried if ur looking for an artery clogging experience! dont get their shrimp burrito tho. no bueno.

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