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If you love tacos, margaritas, and guacamole then you are in the right place. We love Mexican food and sharing our experiences exploring all of the places that dish up delicious Mexican dishes. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner there are so many places to choose from like Lucha Libre (North Park) and Casa de Reyes.

Mariscos on Miramar




Galaxy Taco

Galaxy Taco

Mama Testa Taqueria

The Taco Stand

Puesto revisit

Bracero Cocina revisit

Mariscos El Pescador

Galaxy Taco

Mariscos German Taco Truck

Lucha Libre (North Park)

Bracero Cocina De Raiz

TJ Oyster Bar

City Tacos

Aqui Es Texcoco

Venga Venga

No Name Taco Stand

Lucha Libre Taco Shop

Lucha Libre Taco Shop

Puesto La Jolla

TJ Oyster Bar -The Seafood Place


El Agave Del Mar