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Mariscos on Miramar

Mariscos on Miramar, a Mexican taco food truck, recently opened. We usually have to drive farther south to satisfy our taco food truck cravings, so I was quite excited when I heard about this new business.
photo of Shrimp & Octopus Ceviche at Mariscos on Miramar

It is located on Miramar Road and has a few dedicated parking spots for customers and offers covered tables for dining as well.
photo of Mariscos on Miramar food truck
photo of Mariscos on Miramar outside dining area
Some of the taco trucks offer only Spanish menus and the staff speak very limited English. However, here the menu has English translations.
photo of Mariscos on Miramar menu
After we ordered our food, we were given complimentary cups of consomme, which is something I always look forward to.

The broth here had a very strong tomato flavor, with little hints of celery and pepper.

Our food took a little while to come out, but we didn’t mind the wait.

photo of Gobernador
One of my favorite things to order. The version here was a little bland for me. I wished there was more shrimp and more seasoning on the grilled onions and peppers. I did enjoy the cheese coating the tortilla.

Pulpo Al Aljillo
photo of Pulpo Al Aljillo
I thought the octopus was a little tough and under-seasoned.

photo of Miramar dish
This loaded taco had shrimp, smoked tuna, and bacon. It was my favorite of the three we had. The tortilla was perfectly grilled, crispy along the edges and soft enough to bite through. The avocado slice and cream sauce brought everything together.

Shrimp & Octopus Ceviche
photo of Shrimp & Octopus Ceviche
This was light and refreshing, perfect for the warm summer weather. There was a good amount of seafood. I did find that the tostadas, while they looked fine, all had a bitter burned aftertaste to them.

Overall, while some of the food was hit or miss, we are still happy to see this option on Miramar and are looking forward to trying more of the menu. The staff was very friendly and we’ll definitely be back.

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Mariscos on Miramar
6904 Miramar Rd
San Diego, CA 92121

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2 comments on “Mariscos on Miramar”

  1. Thanks for the mention Kirbie.
    I think the best two items I’ve had were the Machin and Costa Azul. Not a big fan of the pulpo here.