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TJ Oyster Bar -The Seafood Place

We’ve been craving the smoked tuna fries from TJ Oyster Bar 2 ever since our first visit last month, so we made our way back. This time we went with friends, letting us a try a greater variety of items.


My friend started out with a refreshing glass of horchata. I love the mason jar mug used. She said it was a little on the watery side though.

Smoked Tuna Fries

Of course we had to order the popular smoked tuna fries. The fries were a little paler than our first visit and as a result, weren’t as crunchy. This was still good though and topped with a generous serving of smoked tuna.

Octopus tacos

One of my friends recommended this to me, so I made sure to order it. I really liked it. The octopus was chewy and flavorful.

Smoked Tuna Tacos

This remains my favorite item here. The tacos are piled with smoked tuna which has a great balance of smoky and savory.

Campechano Cocktail

We ordered the large one to share. I had really enjoyed this during our last visit, but this time it was quite watery and lacking flavor. You could immediately tell something was off by the color, which was more orange than red. I think it may have just been some bad luck on our part because the table next to us also ordered it and theirs looked much redder.

Fried Oyster Tacos

I really enjoy the batter they use for the fried oysters. The herby batter makes these quite tasty.

Fish Tacos

We enjoy the fish tacos here though it’s not necessarily my favorite in San Diego. It’s pretty good for the price though.

Oysters (Baja and Chefs Creek)

We also ordered a round of oysters. We’ve since had a bit more experience with eating oysters since our initial visit and have learned more about the different finishes and which ones we like. Unfortunately, both of these types had a briny, sandy quality that we didn’t like.

Overall, we still had a fairly good meal here but some of the items weren’t nearly as good as our first visit. I’m hoping it is just a one-off experience. You can read my initial post here.

Menu pictures:

TJ Oyster Bar- The Seafood Place
4410 Bonita Rd.
Bonita, CA

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4 comments on “TJ Oyster Bar -The Seafood Place”

  1. I still haven’t tried their fried oysterr or the tuna fries. I like octopus anything that they make, though! 🙂

  2. I was craving ceviche type items and oysters over the weekend. I’ve heard nice things about this place. I tried to click on their website link you posted but it’s not working. How are the prices here for the oysters and the Campechano Cocktail? 

    • weird, their link/site doesnt seem to be working. $21 for a dozen oysters. $13.75 for the large cocktail, $7.75 for the small (which is big enough for two).