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Paris Baguette is a popular Korean bakery chain that offers both French and Korean baked goods. The first San Diego location recently opened up inside the new H Mart which I visited during the grand opening.

I’ve previously only been to the Paris Baguette in Santa Clara, which is a stand-alone store. This one seemed quite a bit smaller by comparison and didn’t offer as many goods. The majority of the bakery is the kitchen, which you can peer into through the clear glass. The actual baked goods display is quite small.

Upon entering the bakery section, you pick up a tray and some tongs and make your selection. They had donuts, croissants with various fillings, Koren breads, cakes and macarons.

I always see the donut varieties but feel strange spending so much on donuts at Paris Baguette. But I see a lot of people buying them so one of these days I need to try one. I bought a few slices of castella cake, sweet potato cake, chocolate croissant, mochi and a box of French macarons.

In the past I’ve tried the corn bread, green pea filled bread, and a few others. I like them, but I prefer the Taiwanese variations a little better.


I really enjoyed the Castella cake, which had hints of honey and just the right bouncy texture.

The chocolate croissant was also pretty good. It had a very flaky crust and was one of the better croissants we’ve had outside of France.

The mochi I didn’t particularly enjoy. There is a slight saltiness to the mochi dough that I’ve noticed with Korean-style mochi that I don’t really care for.

I was excited to try the French Macarons. I was a little disappointed. The shells crumbled easily and in fact, a few inside the sealed box were already broken. They were just average and with so many places selling macarons now, I’d rather get my French macarons elsewhere.

Overall, I’m happy to see Paris Baguette open a location in San Diego. I’ll definitely be back next time I’m shopping at H Mart again.

Paris Baguette (inside H Mart)
9440 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92126
(858) 577-0060

18 comments on “Paris Baguette”

  1. next time you’re there, get a blueberry chiffon cake if they have it. so freaking good!!!

  2. I’d probably try a donut or two. One of the best cake donuts I’ve ever had came from one of the “french” bakeries we saw in Seoul. Of course, it was less donut and more buttery-cakey-round-baked-good, but it was still delicious!

  3. Great photos of the display cases! You chose a lot of items I still want to try, especially the baguettes, which exist only in empty baskets with signage…

  4. I still need to make it over here just to check this place out! Donuts sound tasty… and if everyone is gobbling them up, I’ll need to try one, too. It’s all for “science”, so I won’t feel too guilty.

    • Haha. My initial thought on the donuts was that this doesn’t seem like a place that would make great donuts. But now I keep rethinking it and I feel like I should try it since everyone else is always grabbing them. I can’t wait to come back. Hopefully the crowds at the market have died down somewhat.

  5. I just went there for the first time last night! There was a potato croquette that intrigued me. Have you been to the Paris Baguette in Garden Grove? It’s also a stand alone store that is right next to a HMART. It has a much better selection though pricey since 85 is only a 20 minute drive away.

  6. My favorite things from Paris Baguette: chocolate croissant, raisin bun, and tapioca bun/ball. The Santa Clara location is awesome! Around noontime, they have all sorts of little sample bits out and it’s such a great way to try out all the different buns without having to commit to an entire bun.

    • Ohh, I loved the croissant and I love the tapioca balls too. Though I didn’t see the tapioca ball when I was here! I was looking for it since I always get it at the Santa Clara store. I’ll look for the raisin one next time.

  7. Hi, just saw Cathy’s post as well! 🙂 Now I really want to go here but I hate crowds so much! I’ll have to wait it out…too bad those macarons weren’t that good. That green pea bread sounds interesting. I’ve never heard of it before and I love Castella cake. Nice to see what’s available there and that there will be another one coming.

    • Maybe during your vacation you can go during the weekdays. I’ve heard it’s not crowded at all during weekdays, just weekends are still bad.

  8. What a neat little bakery!

  9. Yum, I love castella cake too!

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