Chowder Fries

Crispy french fries are covered with thick and creamy clam chowder. This is one hearty dish that will keep you warm this winter.

Chowder fries, where have you been all my life? I can’t believe I’ve never eaten this dish before, but now that I have, I can’t get enough of it. I had it for the first time recently at Slapfish and immediately wanted to make my own version.

For my homemade fries, I actually made them with my new Rosewill RHAF-15001 oil-less low fat air fryer, which I received complimentary for review. I’ve been looking into buying an oil-less air fryer, as a less greasy and healthier alternative to traditional frying. The air fryer uses rapid hot air circulation to evenly heat up and cook the food. Rosewill’s previous air fryer models have received really positive reviews, which is why I was so eager to try this new model.

The small fryer doesn’t take up much space and the touch screen is super easy to use. Set the temperature, the time, and off it goes. The basket is non-stick too so you don’t need to prepare it in any way. I plugged it into the nearest open outlet in my kitchen and then left it alone until the timer went off.

I tested it with both fresh homemade fries and with previously fried and frozen hash brown patties. The previously frozen patties came out wonderfully. The texture was just like when I usually re-fry them or put them in the oven, except it took half the amount of time and they were far less greasy.

The 2.5 quart capacity was plenty for making a large batch of homemade fries. The homemade fries came out crispy, and as recommended, I had to add some oil to the fresh potatoes (about 1 tbsp). Mine look slightly uneven in color because not all of my fries were of the same thickness. They didn’t quite taste the same as deep fried fries. I’d say they tasted something in between oven fries and regular fried fries. But I did enjoy this healthier version of french fries, and they cooked quicker than they would in the oven. So far I’m pretty happy with this little oil-less fryer and I plan doing a lot more cooking with it this winter. If you own an oil-less fryer, let me know what your favorite foods to cook in it are! You can learn more about Rosewill’s products here.

Chowder Fries


  • 4 large Russet potatoes, washed and peeled
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil
  • salt to taste
  • 1 can thick-style clam chowder


1. Slice potatoes into matchsticks about 1/4 inch thick. Dry potato sticks thoroughly with paper towels. Place potatoes into a bowl and drizzle oil across. Toss potatoes so they are evenly coated in the oil.

2. Add potatoes to your oil-less fryer. Make sure you do not go over the max line. If you do, split into two batches.

3. Cook according to manufacturer's suggestions. For my fryer, it was recommended a setting of 360F for 25 minutes. Remove potatoes when done. If they haven't crisped to your liking, you can always add a few more minutes.

4. Season potatoes with salt. Place fries onto a large plate or bowl. Pour hot clam chowder on top. Eat immediately.


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  1. Screw you, Poutine! I would rather have these fries any day.

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