Giant Instant Pot Pancake

Giant, Japanese-style rice cooker pancakes made in the instant pot instead. This enormous pancake is big enough to feed several people. It takes less than 5 minutes to prepare and the instant pot does the rest of the work.

If you recall, I shared a recipe for giant rice cooker pancakes last year. It’s a favorite in our house and so for Easter brunch, I decided to make it again, but to try them in an instant pot instead.
Surprisingly, I couldn’t find any answers on the internet for how to make a rice cooker pancake in an instant pot. So I ended up going through quite a few trials.

By the end, I had half a dozen of these epic-sized pancakes in my house.


I ran out of milk. Twice.

I went through an entire bottle of syrup. Yikes.

But these came out so delicious! And they are so easy. You barely need to do any work and the instant pot does the rest. You just put in the batter and forget about it until the timer goes off.
For those who have not tried a rice cooker pancake, it’s not quite the same as classic American pancakes. In addition to being very thick and fluffy, they are also a little chewier and sweeter. And they have a crispy top. But they do taste like pancakes.
The only thing about this method for making these giant pancakes is that it isn’t faster. It’s about the same cooking time as the rice cooker. I did try to cook them on high pressure, but each time the batter at the bottom of the pot (which actually becomes the top when it’s finished) would overcook before the rest of the cake was done. So I found that low pressure yields the best result.

However, I actually prefer this to cooking it in a rice cooker because when I made mine in my rice cooker, it would switch from cook to warm function and I did have to watch over it more carefully. With the instant pot, I can set it on manual and then just let it be. And if you don’t have an instant pot you can always make it in a rice cooker with this recipe.

Special Tools for this Recipe

Instant Pot 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker (6 Quart Version)

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Giant Instant Pot Pancake

Japanese-style rice cooker pancakes are made in an instant pot instead for an easy and fun brunch.


  • 2 cups all purpose flour
  • 2 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 2 tbsp granulated white sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 1/2 cups milk


  1. This recipe is made in the Instant Pot 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker (6 quart version). In a large mixing bowl, whisk together eggs and milk until completely blended. Add in remaining ingredients and whisk until only very small lumps remain in the batter.
  2. Thoroughly grease the interior of your instant pot with cooking oil spray (I used a canola oil spray). I recommend giving a few extra coats to the interior bottom of the pot to prevent the cake from getting stuck to the bottom. Pour in batter.
  3. Seal lid with vent closed and program instant pot to manual mode. Set pressure to low pressure. Then set to cook for about 45 minutes. 45 minutes will produce a crispy brown top. If you want something a little less crispy, you may want to try a few less minutes. (Update: Some people have reported an issue with their Instant Pot giving an overheating error. It appears to be happening with certain models of the Instant Pot such as the 6-in-1 bluetooth version. If this happens, you can also try to set it to rice mode instead of manual, low pressure, 45 minutes, which seems to solve the issue.)
  4. Check on the cake when the Instant Pot indicates it's done cooking. Your instant pot should not have sealed because of the low pressure and lack of liquid. The cake will look quite pale when finished because this is the bottom of your cake. When you touch the cake, it should bounce back with no uncooked batter remaining on it and the cake should be pulling away from the sides. If you cake is not quite done, let it continue to cook on low pressure for a few more minutes.
  5. Use a spatula to further loosen cake from the sides of the pan. Sometimes the cake gets a little bit stuck to the bottom, so you just need to carefully peel it away with your spatula. Very carefully, pop the cake out upside down so that the bottom is now the top. The top of the cake should be a golden brown and crispy.
  6. Serve with your favorite pancake toppings.

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83 comments on “Giant Instant Pot Pancake”

  1. I can’t wait to try this. Could you add blueberries or chocolate chips to the batter?

  2. Mine stuck to the bottom of the pan despite my oiling it

    • I’m sorry to hear that. Were you able to get it out in one piece? As I stated in the recipe, I had a few where the cake would get stuck in just one spot (probably a result of uneven heating across the pot), but I was able to pry it off in one piece by slowly prying around it. I also had ones that didn’t get stuck at all. All 6 of mine on low pressure came out in one piece but the ones are high pressure were stuck so much that I couldn’t get it out in one piece. Yours might have been cooked slightly too long which would also cause it to get stuck. Even working with the same type of Instant Pot, the manual low pressure setting will work a little differently for everyone, so yours may have been done a little sooner. One other thing to keep in mind, make sure you don’t miss greasing any spots on the bottom and when you pour in the batter, don’t pour it in so fast that it might push off the oil from the pan. Hope that helps!

  3. This sounds so good. It makes me wonder if I could figure out a way to make pannekoeken in my Instant pot.  Now there would be a childhood treat to introduce to my kids!

  4. This looks really good but I am wondering if it can be done without eggs somehow or by using an egg free premixed batter (and if so, what volume of batter should I use. THANKS. 

    • I’m sure there is an eggfree way but I haven’t tried it myself so I don’t know what that recipe would be. Have you had success with pancake mixes or pancake recipes that are eggfree? You could try adding a batch of that in there.

    • I’m using one now.  The mix to liquid ratio is the same.  I’m also subbing coconut oil

  5. I am trying this now! But my pot keeps saying it is overheating!!! After only about a minute. Please help!

    • I am sorry this is happening to you. I’ve never had an instant pot tell me it is overheating so I’m not quite sure how to help. You might want to add just a few drops off water to the sides of the pot and see if that helps? And make sure you did stir the batter enough so that’s not too thick. It should be liquid with only a few tiny lumps.

      • I’m having the same overheating problem with mine (IP6in1withBluetooth). Had to scrap the first one. Am attempting a second one now, using a bit more milk and a bit less flour. Batter was whisked until thin, per instruction. And I put about 15 seconds worth of spray oil in the bottom of the IP cooking pot. Within a minute received the same “Overheating” Error with a constant beep. Thought about just letting it go, but the constant beeping quickly had me turning the machine off. Unfortunately couldn’t get this one to work for me. And I really like the idea of oversized novelty foods. 

      • I’m sorry to hear that. I wonder if it has to do with certain models having a higher sensitivity. As you can see from my post, I own a different model. You might want to try asking in some IP forums? They usually have people with a lot of experience with Instant Pots that might be able to help. The only other thing I can think of is maybe the oil you used to grease the pot with? I used a canola oil spray. Canola oil has a higher smoke point than some other oils so I’m wondering if you were using an oil with a lower smoke point if it could set off the overheating. I am sorry you weren’t able to get this to work. I know how frustrating it can be to have your ingredients and time go to waste.

      • Okay one more thing. I wonder if the amount of oil spray could also be an issue? While you do want to thoroughly grease so it won’t get stuck, you mentioned 15 seconds of spray which seems like too much. I think I did around 5 seconds (mainly across the bottom and quickly around the sides but not all the way up since I know it doesn’t rise all the way up) and then a few couple extra quick sprays after that for areas that looked like it needed a little more.

      • Yeah I am having the same issue here with the 6in1 Bluetooth. Basically it’s giving a warning that its hitting certain temperatures and alerting you to that fact. I think that is just precautionary on the Manual setting because it’s trying to generate pressure at the expense of all else.

        I’m trying mine on Rice – low pressure for 45 minutes and the temperature is staying below 300F and not triggering the alarms. So we’ll have to see how it progresses.

        Edit: Rice worked on low pressure! I ended up doing about 49 minutes but it turned out amazingly well. Thank you!

      • oooh, thank you for letting me know!! i’m going to update the recipe post for others having that issue.

      • Kirbie,
             Based on what Kendall said,, I attempted the Pot Pancake using the method as described, and I”m happy to say that using the rice function the results came out very well.  A little bit stuck to the bottom of the pan, but in the long run, that’s no big deal. The flavor and texture puts me in mind of “Northern style” cornbread. The sponginess of the pancake does a fantastic job holding syrup and butter, which augment the flavor of the cake itself, which tasted alone is only slightly sweet (a plus in my book).
         Neat recipe and I enjoyed making it!
        Thank you for posting the recipe, and thank you Kendall for providing a “workaround” for the BlueTooth model IP. 

      • yay!! so happy that you got it to work with the rice function!

  6. Why not cook it in a bowl or pan? That would allow you to reduce cooking time and solve the issue of sticking. It would be smaller but would it substantially change it?

    • because of how thick and big the pancake is, I’m not sure it would necessarily cook any faster using another device. For example, a traditional cake this size would take just as long in an oven. And part of the fun is just having such a giant pancake and only it was to see if it could be made in the instant pot. I always love discovering different ways to use the instant pot. And I do think it has several advantages too. I like being able to put it in and then forget about it until it’s done as it frees me up to work on another things. Also it doesn’t emit as much heat so it’s not making my kitchen as hot as if I am hovering over a stove or have this in the oven.

  7. Hello,

    First of all I would like to say that I just love getting your emails every day and I love how creative you are with your recipes! They are very much appreciated and always look forward to getting more! 🙂 

    Second of all, is this at all the same thing as doing it in a crock pot? Is that possible? 

    • Hmm, I think it is similar to cooking in a crockpot but I haven’t tried it in a crockpot. I definitely think it can be done though. And thank you so much for the kind words!

  8. Thank you for sharing this recipe. The kids and I had a lot of fun trying it out. I gave the inner pot an extra thorough spray of PAM and it slide right out when it was done. No sticking at all. The pancake was done at 45 min, but had a pretty hard crust on the bottom (or top, once it is flipped). Is it supposed to be hard? I think I will try it at 40 min next time. Thanks!!! Yum!

    • I’m glad it worked well for you and your kids! Yes, it should have a crispy crust when finished. That’s actually my favorite part though I know traditional pancakes don’t have that. You can definitely try cooking a little less time if you prefer the top to be softer. Or maybe adding some parchment paper to the bottom as well may help that.

  9. It was overheated, but with mine rice cooking button Ik can not get it to 45 minutes, It stays at  12 minutes. (Sorry for my bad english, I’met Dutch)

  10. Thanks for sharing! I’m going to try this a try tomorrow. I couldn’t find anything in the instructions, do you do a quick or natural pressure release for this?

  11. This sounded like a great idea, but for those wanting to do this with gluten free flour, forget about it. Despite using a ton of oil, the bottom was almost  burnt and stuck so badly I had to destroy the pancake to get it out.  Plus, the inside was super gummy 🙁  Thank you for the recipe though. 

    • sorry it doesnt work with gluten free flour.

      • Hi!  I just made this using Cup 4 Cup gluten free AP flour. After 45 minutes, I checked it….was still gooey so I cooked for another 15 minutes. Delicious!  

      • yay, thanks for sharing! so glad it worked with cup 4 cup. That’s my fav gluten free flour

  12. I have the IP-Lux 6 function. I don’t believe I have a low pressure setting. So, could I still successfully make the IP Japanese style Pancake in my pot? Would I need to reduce cooking time, use rice function, or make it in my 7″ spring form cheese cake pan on manual with 1 c water then brown on griddle once done?

  13. Mine stuck everywhere! Tried unsuccessfully to get under but not happening.  I used peanut oil with a brush. Should that make a big difference?

    Only other change was adding grated nutmeg.  Cooked it in a  GoWise 8-quart if that is significant.

    • I’m sorry to hear yours stuck, but I think that both the peanut oil and the 8 quart could have been an issue. I haven’t tried coating with peanut oil but because of its smoking temperature, it’s probably better to use a vegetable oil. As for the cooker, I am not sure of your inner pot dimensions compared to the one for the 6 quart instant pot I used. If it’s wider, or less wide, then you would need to adjust cooking time because your pancake will be thinner or thicker. Also a different pressure cooker may have a different temperature for their low pressure setting so you would also need to adjust for that as well.

  14. I just made the pancake. I followed the recipe to a T, but I think the next time, I will have to try adding a bit more liquid (after reading the comments). I did butter the bottom and low sides quite a bit (because I didn’t want it to stick). It was a bit under cooked at the top, but it was totally stuck (all the hard crust) to the bottom. I managed to take it out and browned it a bit in a pan (as it was doughy). However, it did taste good and it passed my picky eater son’s test. Therefore, I will certainly try it again.

    • hmm, it should have a brown crust but I’m not sure why it was undercooked. I’m glad it passed your son’s test though. You can definitely play around a little with the cooking times.

  15. How much pressure is considered low pressure? Ihave a different pr sure cooker, but would like to try your recipe.  

    • I’m sorry but I don’t know what the exact pressure is on the low pressure setting. You can probably found the information on their website and see if it’s similar to the low pressure setting on your pressure cooker.

  16. I normally make pancakes with buttermilk, do you think that would change the outcome in your recipe?

    • I think it will change the outcome of the recipe. I normally make pancakes with buttermilk too but these are not the classic American pancake. It’s based off of the Japanese rice cooker pancakes. I think the buttermilk may be too rich as I did do a version adding a little butter and it made the cake feel greasy

  17. I am wondering if this pancake can keep and re-heat well. I think I should have asked sooner; I’m planning to take it to work this morning for my colleagues departure brunch. I hope, if it’s cool by serving time that my friends can slip it in the microwave. And, if we like it well enough, that I can make it for myself and reheat it through the week as I live alone.

    • The pancake can keep though I don’t think it reheats as well as regular pancakes. This pancake has a crispy crust when finished and that crust will lose it’s crispiness when stored and reheated.

  18. I just made this and it came out absolutely PERFECT.

    45 minutes on the rice setting, low pressure (which took me a minute to figure out the ‘keep warm’ override part as I’ve only had my IP a few weeks!) I immediately took it out. It slipped out right onto the plate and it was golden brown and perfectly cooked. Dense as all get-out. My husband, 2 teenage boys and I split it for breakfast with berries, whipped cream and a side of bacon. We have 1/3 left over!
    We lived in Japan for a few months but never had anything like these. All their pastries are to die for but tend to be French. The croissants in Kyoto were better than in Paris (sshhhhh!)

    Anyway, thanks for the recipe. I’m thinking of adding pecans and nutmeg next time. I took pictures but I don’t see an option here for adding them but trust me – it was a thing of beauty!

    • thank you for taking the time to share! I’m so happy that you had great success. I didn’t see this in restaurants in Japan, but I’ve seen the rice cooker version on a lot of Japanese youtube cooking channels. I think it’s a popular recipe to make at home.

    • How did you do 45 min on the rice setting low pressure?? When I hit rice it does not give me any other option. I just does the timer for 12min. THanks!!!

      • Hi, as stated in the recipe, I actually do manual low pressure, not the rice setting. However, after I posted the recipe, some people with a different IP model told me that it wouldn’t work on manual mode low pressure because the IP wouldn’t allow it to cook on that mode but then they switched it to rice and it worked which is why I added that suggestion. It’s my understanding that some IP models allow for adjustments for time in rice setting, but some models do not. I am assuming yours does not allow the time to be adjusted. Have you tried in manual mode?

  19. I have the LUX60 model which doesn’t have a pressure button and the rice button only allows for 10 minutes. Can I use the cake setting?  Any advice?

  20. I doubled the sugar, and added two teaspoons vanilla, and it turned out perfect flavor !  

  21. I have the 8 quart model of the instant pot. I assume you are doing this in the 6 quart. Is that correct?

  22. I tried this, this morning. I subbed the milk for cashew milk because we have a dairy allergy in the house. It didn’t really work consistency wise. The bottom browned well and from the top it looked cooked through even though it was pale, like you said it would be. It felt decently firm and springed back but when I actually got it out the center layer of it, like height-wise, is still pretty gooey. I’m assuming it’s the cashew milk that threw it off, but who knows. Fun idea, I might have to experiment with it again.

    • I’m sorry it didn’t quite work for you. I haven’t tried it with cashew milk but I think that may have been the issue. Not saying that it can’t be done, but the cooking time and ingredient ratios might need to be tweaked with cashew milk.

  23. Would this work in a springform pan?

    • do you mean using a springform pan inside of the instant pot? I don’t think the pan would get hot enough to cook the pancake properly

  24. I found this experiment to be a total waste of good ingredients. The instant pot immediately overheated, so I tried the rice setting. This is automatic and the time cannot be changed from 12 minutes. It took about 30 to heat (who wants to wait that long for rice which takes less than 15 mins in a pan?). I repeated this process twice before opening the lid. I found a thick rubbery, semi cooked batter, thebottom centimetre dry and stuck to the pan. It reminds me of thick Semolina pudding. There was very little rise. I am presently trying to dry it out in a frying pan in the hope of salvaging something edible, but although the exterior is crispy thecentre is like a damp sponge.

    • i’m sorry you didn’t have a good experience. I’ve made this many times without issues and I know others have too. What instant pot version are you using? You mentioned not being able to change the rice cooking time. While mine has a preset time, I am able to adjust it which is pretty important for rice because different types of rice need different cooking times.

      With regards to waiting a long time for rice to cook, it is true that you can quickly cook rice on the stove but the taste and texture of the rice is quite different when slowly cooked in a nice rice cooker. If you cook rice in one of the fancy Japanese rice cookers, it can take an hour or more to cook rice. I found the instant pot to be faster than most rice cookers for cooking rice, while producing similar results.

      • Hi I have the duo80 and am having similar issues.  This is my first attempt to use my pot.  My rice setting doesn’t adjust.  I don’t have a manual setting so I tried to set it to low pressure 45 minutes.  But it immediately said burn.  I’m not sure how to proceed.  Your pictures look amazing and I want to try it. 

      • Hi Victoria. I’m sorry but I don’t own the duo80 and have not cooked with it at all. One thing though, since the duo80 is bigger capacity, if it is wider, you will also need less cooking time. I know there is a facebook group for Instant Pot users and they might be able to help you since they are experts on the Instant Pot. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  25. I made this Giant IP Pancake this morning and the bottom stuck to the pot. I greased it with coconut oil really good. Could I put parchment paper in the bottom to prevent sticking or would that not work in the IP?

    • Hmm, I’m sorry to hear that. I wonder if it was the coconut oil as I haven’t tried greasing with coconut oil. I did think of parchment paper but I do not believe that will work as the cake won’t cook properly.

  26. I’m new to the IP, so forgive my ignorance; if the pot never comes to pressure, how does the timer countdown ever begin? I’ve only made recipes on high pressure so far, but the timer doesn’t start until after the pot comes to pressure. 

  27. Sadly, I added chocolate chips and they sunk to the bottom of the liner causing it all to stick.  I had greased it with ghee hoping for a real buttery taste.  I had to go back and cook it for 10 more mins and it was terribly bland.  The only saving grace was some of the melted chocolate that I was able to scoop out of the liner.

    • I’m sorry your chocolate chips sank to the bottom. that’s actually why I leave mine plain. with regards to it being bland, this is basically what japanese-style pancakes taste like. they are meant to be eaten with syrup and other toppings like other pancakes and they don’t usually have a buttery taste because they don’t use buttermilk in their pancakes.

  28. Can these pancakes be made with almond flour instead of white flour

  29. I have never had a japanese pancake before but thought having one giant pancake for our family of 6 would be awesome. This recipe didn’t disappoint. We loved it.  My question is how did you make multiple pancakes for your brunch?   Your picture shows two pancakes how did you serve them?  I would like to serve for a brunch at Christmas this year. Thank you for an awesome recipe and introducing us to something different and awesome. 

    • Hi Kallie, Unfortunately there is no way that I am aware of to make more than one in the pot at the same time. I actually made them one after another because I was testing out different versions. I will say that these pancakes taste good longer than regular pancakes and don’t necessarily need to be eaten super hot. So if you have your second batter already prepped, you can immediately make the second one as soon as the first one is done. The first one won’t be as warm but the outside still stays crispy for about 3 hours after it’s done. You could also possible lightly reheat the first one in a toaster oven. Or if you have multiple instant pots (or can borrow one from a friend or family) you can make multiple ones that way too. My brother has an instant pot so sometimes I borrow his when I need more than one.

  30. I really want to make these giant pancakes but I have an Instant Pot IP-Luxe and you can’t change the pressure to Low when in Manual mode. Do you know what setting I could use instead so I can switch it to Low? I was thinking maybe Poultry or Beans or Congee? Please help. 

    • Hi I am sorry but I do not own the luxe and am not familiar with its settings. I suggest asking the question in an Instant Pot forum. I know they have a big facebook group and other forums which can be very helpful for answering Instant Pot specific questions.

  31. I made this for my husband’s birthday breakfast since I didn’t want to flip pancakes on a busy weekday morning. Oh my god. This was amazing!! We thought it tasted like cake. The kids loved it too.  I served it with berries, homemade whipped cream and real maple syrup. This is going to be our go-to for a while! I’m going to attempt prepping the night before and setting the timer so that we wake up to an almost-done pancake cake! 

    I did have an issue with sticking like others mentioned. It was impossibly stuck in the very center of the pot. I liberally used Pam spray. Maybe I’ll try a dab of oil right in the center in addition to the spray next time. Our IP is 8qt so maybe that’s another reason why?

    But even though our “pancake cake” had a small crater in the center, we loved it and will make it again and again. Thank you!!

    • I’m so glad your family enjoyed this! I always find the middle gets a little stuck, but with some careful wriggling with a spatula, I’m able to get it out completely intact. I do think the 8qt might be the reason as it would cook faster in the 8qt. I think more oil in the center should do the trick and maybe removing the cake just a few minutes earlier.

  32. I just made this in my 6qt IP. The only change I made was a dash of vanilla. It was great!  Five of us split it. The only change I’ll make next time is to lower the cook time a couple of minutes. The crust was a little too hard for some of my littles. It’s a fun treat though.  Thank you for sharing it. 

  33. Has anyone tried this with adding some ground breakfast sausage?

    • I’m not sure but I did see someone’s photo where they tucked a few links of sausage into the surface of the pancake after it was finished!

  34. I don’t know what I did wrong but this was my only instant pot fail in 11 months of using it. I cooked in a liberally oiled (vegetable oil) instant pot DUO 6 liter. After 45 minutes there were still obvious gummy uncooked portions showing so I cooked 5 minutes more, then another 5, then another 5. It still hadn’t pulled away from the pot at the edges but felt firm to the touch so I took the ‘will look pale’ to heart and tried to remove it. I had to scoop the top portion out with a spoon, it was very gummy and undercooked, while the crust was fully stuck to the bottom of the pot. I had to soak and then scrape with a spoon to get it out. The bit I managed to pry out with my fingernail and taste was definitely overcooked. I did leave the IP on keep warm for a few minutes after the first 5 minutes extra cooking in the hopes that it would set. Would that have caused it to never fully cook on top?

    • I’m sorry to hear that the recipe failed for you. I am not quite sure what went wrong but it definitely shouldn’t need to cook an additional 10-15 minutes. Did you make any substitutions or changes with the ingredients?

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