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70 Bobcha Taste of Korea

70 Bobcha Taste of Korea recently replaced Moby Dick and Sushi Bar Kazumi. I first heard about it from mmm-yoso. We were in the area and weren’t originally planning on eating here, but when our lunch plans fell through, we noticed this was already open, so we decided to try it out. I was surprised at the quick turnaround, but once inside, it looked almost exactly the same.

The sushi bar was still there, as well as the fridge cases (now empty) that used to hold the fresh fish selection for Moby Dick. The tables were all the same too, there was just some small changes to the decor, adding some curtains and paintings.

The menu of course is different, offering a variety of Korean dishes.

I was happy to see a few dishes on the specials menu that I haven’t seen offered at many other Korean places in San Diego.

Complimentary banchan

The selection was a little small and nothing was particularly memorable.

Stir Fry Kimchi with Tofu

This was Mr. K’s choice. Warm kimchi was accompanied by cold raw tofu topped with sesame seeds. I though this dish was just alright and something I could easily make at home.

Soybean Paste Stew

This was on the salty side and you couldn’t really taste the fermented flavor that I like so much in a soybean paste stew.

Complimentary Mixed Rice

Steamed Spicy Ribs

This reminded me a lot like the Chinese tomato based stew my mom makes with a little bit of heat.

Overall, we weren’t very impressed with what we had, though there are many other items on the specials menu that seemed interesting. It was quite empty when we went so I’m not sure how this place will pan out.

70 Bobcha Taste of Korea
4805 Convoy st
San Diego, CA 92111

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4 comments on “70 Bobcha Taste of Korea”

  1. The Stir Fry Kimchi with Tofu looks REALLY sad. I keep staring it for some reason. I think any restaurant will have a hard time succeeding in this location – just seems to have bad juju written all over it. Hopefully this place will improve and make it though.

    • It also has darkened windows so you can’t see in. I was like “um, are we at a strip club?” And yeah, the stir fry kimchi was overpriced and sad.

  2. That doesn’t look very good Kirbie.

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