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94th Aero Squadron- Sunday brunch

94th Aero Squadron
8885 Balboa Ave
San Diego, CA 92123

So I love buffets.  So much food!  So I heard about 94th Aero Squadron’s Sunday champagne brunch buffet and decided to try it out.  The reviews I read were positive, talking about the endless flowing champagne and tons of food offerings. On paper, the place does seem to have a lot of offerings.  Unfortunately, I did not really enjoy the food.  The service was great and the restaurant is pretty cool looking.  The restaurant faces an airfield, so the view is pretty nice as well.  The champagne was definitely free-flowing.  But the food just wasn’t that good.


A rundown of the food:

The breakfast items consist of bacon, sausage, eggs, eggs benedict, cheese blitzs.  These items all tasted okay.  They also had some cooked entrees which I didn’t try.

There is a carving station which has lamb, roast beef and ham.  I had the lamb and thought it was dry and too well-done.

They have an omelet station, but I thought the possible ingredients to add to your omelet were a bit limited.  The omelette was also not very good tasting.

They also had a fajita station and pasta station.  I didn’t try the pasta.  I did try the steak fajitas which were pretty good.


They also had waffles, which I enjoyed.  They were crispy and big and hot, just the way I like it.

The sushi section consisted of some California rolls.

The seafood section consisted of crab legs and mussels.  The crab legs were pretty good.  They were easy to break and were fresh tasting, with no additional salt added.

They had some salads, which I didn’t try.  They also had cheese and fruits.  Again, I found the selection lacking.  The fruits consisted of honeydew, cantaloupe and pineapples.  The cheeses consisted of monterey jack and cheddar only.

The best part for me was the dessert.  They have a lot of different desserts.  All of them tasted store-bought, but were decent tasting.  Some of the desserts consist of cookies, coconut macaroons, lemon chiffon pie, lemon tart, pecan pie, chocolate cake, crepe station.  They also have a chocolate fountain, but the only item available for dipping are strawberries.


There is also a juice station, where they have cranberry and orange juice.  The orange juice didn’t taste sweet enough.  There is also a cappuccino machine with various pepperidge farm cookies.

Here are some more photos:


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2 comments on “94th Aero Squadron- Sunday brunch”

  1. We went for brunch also and were really disappointed. It was like a waste of calories. I ended up getting more lamb and cheese and olives just to feel full. I mean even the bread and pastries were not fresh.