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99 Ranch Market (Balboa location)

photo of the inside of 99 Ranch Market
99 Ranch Market opened it’s second location in San Diego this past weekend, on Balboa Avenue. I remember being quite surprised when they announced the plans for a second location, just two miles away  from the original location on Clairemont Mesa Blvd. I wasn’t planning on visiting during grand opening weekend but we were at Home Depot picking up some supplies, and so we decided to stop in. I also wasn’t planning on writing a post, but I did take a few photos of some of the highlights of this new spot and thought I’d share them.

For the most part, this location is very much like the first, though with noticeably more space.
photo of the produce section

The bakery is a bigger highlight, with tempting display cases in the center of the store rather than buried in the back like at the Clairemont Mesa store. They also have a better organized hot food section with digital menus.
photo of the bakery section

The frozen sections here have glass covers.
photo of the freezer cases

The aisles are noticeably wider.
photo of an aisle in the store photo of the refridgerated section

I don’t remember their being a bulk food section in the original store.
photo of the bulk foods section

Finally, they have a food court. There are four vendors.
photo of the food court
I actually hadn’t heard about a food court being part of this new space, so this is what excited me most. All the vendors were up and running except for Shan Xi Magic Kitchen. That’s actually the one I’m most looking forward to. We enjoyed a few of the noodle dishes from the main restaurant and love the idea of being able to get it here.
photo of Shan Xi Magic Kitchen
photo of Mr. A Cafe
The other places are a Vietnamese place, a cajun fried chicken spot that also offers a ramen menu, and a boba tea place that uses a new high pressure technology to brew its tea. We actually did end up going back already to check out some of the vendors. More on those in a future post!

99 Ranch Market
5950 Balboa Ave, San Diego, CA 92111

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6 comments on “99 Ranch Market (Balboa location)”

  1. About the CV location at the former Vons/failed Haggens on Telegraph near then805…nothing has happened yet
    The store is still boarded up. : (

  2. Thanks for this. It looks like they kept a lot of the fixtures from the Albertson’s that was there previously. I recognize that produce “wall”/bin layout. Have they said anything about what’s going to happen to the Clairemont Mesa Blvd location?

    • it’s my understanding that this is just an additional store and the original one will remain too. They are also opening a third store in Chula Vista. It does seem like they kept a lot of the former Albertson’s structure, though I didn’t shop at that location of Albertson’s often, so I can’t quite remember.

  3. I need to go back so I can try more items from their bakery. I really liked their pastry selections.   I also want to try that Krispy Fried Chicken place too.  I love how wide the aisles are. When I went early Sunday morning, it was not crowded.

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