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Advanced Book Copy and Previews

It’s here! It’s here! With less than a month left until my book officially releases, I received my advanced copy a few days ago.

As you can imagine, I was ridiculously excited. I danced around with it, posed for some pictures, practiced my signature.

After all the months of hard work, it’s so momentous seeing the physical print, and it is even better than I had imagined.

So I thought I’d share a few photos of what I’m most excited about. (You can also read my initial post sharing some previews and book content here.)

Flexibound Cover

The book is listed as a “paperback” but the cover and binding is actually much nicer than what you would think of for traditional paperback.

While not as hard or heavy as a hardcover, the cover is sturdier and thicker than a paperback cover, and is bigger than the pages (similar to hardcover).

The flexibound binding means that you can actually keep the book open, making it much easier to make your recipes directly from the book.

Colorful Pages

As many of you know, I like things to be colorful, so I’m so thrilled that rather than printing on plain white pages, the book pages come in a variety of colors including, yellow, orange, purple, blue, green, and pink. Many of the recipes also match with the color page they are printed on (i.e., a pumpkin cake is on an orange page, a lemon cake is on a yellow page).

Cloud Tips

I tried to provide little tips when applicable, such as where to find uncommon ingredients, other variations one can make to a recipe. Many of these tips are written in these cloud-like bubbles on the page, which I think looks much cooler than just having them typed out normally with the rest of the text.

And of course, I’m just in love with the overall look and photographs. I’ll try to share some more previews soon.

Thanks to everyone who has already pre-purchased my book! It makes a great gift too if you aren’t interested in mug cakes yourself! Hold on to those pre-order receipts too because in the upcoming weeks you can use them towards giveaways, raffles, etc. Here is a list of all the online retailers you can purchase the book from.

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16 comments on “Advanced Book Copy and Previews”

  1. I’ve finally found my B&N giftcard and I know what I’m gonna buy with it! Now the next decision is whether I gift it to a particular friend or KEEP IT TO MYSELF! 😉

  2. cant wait until I receive my copy!

  3. I’m so incredibly excited for you! Your blog has been such a pleasure to follow 🙂

  4. Yay! Can’t wait to get my copies! (plural, haha!)

    The book looks great and I love how the book can be opened and remain flat.  

    • so grateful for your orders! I love that it can open flat too–I never really thought about it but that is so important for a cookbook!

  5. Yay on getting closer to the book release date! Now I need to pre-order my copy …

  6. Wow!  Congrats!  I didn’t know you were a cookbook author!  🙂  Let me know when your Food Network show premieres!

  7. It looks great!! The colorful pages make it look great. The layout/edging also looks so cute. 🙂 

  8. Yayyyyyyyy!!!! This looks awesome, girl 😀

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