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Pizza Studio (Kearny Mesa)

Pizza Studio, a chain of customizable fast casual pizzas, has continued its plans to expand throughout San Diego. They recently opened their newest location in Kearny Mesa, in the same plaza as Ross, Staples and Mitsuwa.

We’ve been to the downtown location a few times and enjoyed it a lot, so we were curious to check out this one as well. Everything was pretty much the same in terms of set-up, prices, and ingredients offered.

One of the most unique aspects of Pizza Studio is that they offer five different flavors of crusts.

Once you are finished with your topping selection, they also have several finishing touches and seasonings you can add to kick things up a notch. Then the pizza goes into a conveyer belt oven and is ready in about 2 minutes.

A custom 11-inch pie with unlimited toppings will only set you back $7.99 and they also have a frequent rewards program you can sign up for. If you are really pressed for cash, they offer a few pre-designed “starving artist” pies priced around $5.99.

They also sell fresh baked cookies for dessert.

If you’re in a hurry, you can also get your order to-go or you can phone in your order.

Rosemary crust, tomato blend sauce, pesto sauce, grated mozzarella, shaved parmesan, mushroom, green peppers, roasted zucchini, minced garlic, roasted broccolini, Genoa Salami, sweet chicken sausage, truffle salt and arugula.

I had a pretty long list of additions to my pizza and I was happy with the results. I enjoyed my creatiom and especially liked the addition of pesto. The artisan pizza crust was extremely thin and consistent with the pizzas we’ve had at the downtown outpost.

Firecracker crust, extra tomato blend sauce, grated mozzarella, mushroom, broccolini, spicy pork sausage, chipotle powder.

This was Mr. K’s creation. He kept it fairly simple. He really enjoys the firecracker crust here and if you like a little heat in your pizza, it’s a good option to choose. Even with his request for extra tomato sauce, the pizza crust did not get soggy.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

We decided to try out one of their freshly baked cookies. Once I removed the cookie from the bag, it seemed a little small compared to the packaging. It was warm and gooey with crispy edges. It wasn’t anything memorable but it was a tasty just baked cookie.

Overall, we had a good meal here. The Kearny Mesa location is actually much more convenient for us so we’ll likely be back more. It’s quick, satisfying, and reasonably priced.

You can read my original downtown post here.

Pizza Studio Kearny Mesa
4240 Kearny Mesa Rd
Ste 113
San Diego, CA92111





6 comments on “Pizza Studio (Kearny Mesa)”

  1. I was never going to go Downtown to try this place, but now that there’s one in Kearny Mesa (and I see Poway!) I’m more inclined to try it. I like that they have different flavored crusts, too. It looks yummy!

    • yes! i’m much more excited for this location. poway is a little out of the way for me so i didnt go to that one, but this one is nice and parking is convenient, and i can walk over to mitsuwa afterwards for some snacks =)

  2. I didn’t know there were Pizza Studios in KM (near work) and in Poway (near home). Woo hoo! Be warned that the KM parking lot is kind of crazy during weekday lunch hours.

    • the KM one just opened last week! I’m not sure exactly when the Poway one opened. I actually noticed it when I was searching for the KM address. I love the convenience. And the frequent rewards program. now I have to go back so I can earn my free pizza. hehee

  3. I ate here last week but came too late to take pictures of my coworker’s pizza creations! I also didn’t read the menu too closely and ordered a ‘starving artist’ pizza. Next time I will customize and it will be awesome! I’ve tried all three cookies here too.

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