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Afternoon Tea at Shakespeare’s Corner Shoppe

I love British-style afternoon tea. When I finally get a chance to visit England, that’s what I’m most excited about. DH recently developed a love for afternoon tea also after getting a small taste of it on our British Airways flight. He loves the idea of having milk in his hot tea.

I first learned that Shakespeare Corner Shoppe serves afternoon tea from posts on CC’s blog. It’s been on my to-do list for over a year and we finally got around to it. I wanted to visit while it was still warm, since it takes place out on the patio.

Shakespeare’s Corner Shoppe also sells a lot of British goods and is connected with a pub next door. But we were here for the tea.

Once seated, we were presented with quite a long section of tea choices. Every person gets their individual pot. I loved the set up with the flowery pots, cups, plates, etc. Everything was so cute.

To start off, we were given a piece of wheat toast with cream cheese and beet spread.

After we were served our tea, we were given a tower of treats. The top layer was filled with various sandwiches, the middle layer had raisin scones and cream, and the bottom layer was filled with various sweets including caramel pudding, apple bars, pumpkin cakes.

There was enough of one of everything for each person. It was fun to sample so many different bites. My favorite part was the sandwiches. I liked the different fillings and the pickled preserves. I didn’t care for some of the sweets.

To end our meal, we were presented with some raspberry jelly.

Overall, this was a fun and relaxing way to enjoy an afternoon. They offer two afternoon seatings and reservations must be made in advance.

Shakespeare’s Corner Shoppe
3719 India Street
San Diego, CA 92103

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14 comments on “Afternoon Tea at Shakespeare’s Corner Shoppe”

  1. I think Tea Upon Chatsworth is probably the nicest overall. I loved the food and the decor was pretty. The service was friendly too. I was also impressed with the service at Shakespeare’s – we went on a very rainy day and they accomodated us nicely with special indoor seating. Our babysitter also flaked on us and we ended up having to bring our son. They provided toys for him which was really nice. Aubrey Rose has a Christmas feel with lots of trees and decorations. There is one at the Westgate hotel that I haven’t tried yet. Also at the Hotel Del and Horton Grand hotel I believe.

    • Thanks for the quick overview! I definitely want to try Chatsworth next. I heard about the one at Westgate, will have to add that to my list to. And Aubrey Rose. Heck, now I need to go and try all of them for myself. hehe. Good thing the husband really likes it too.

  2. I’m obsessed with afternoon tea! I think the food is decadent 🙂 Shakespeare’s Corner Shoppe is awesome. Tea Upon Chatsworth is very nice, too. Most recently we went to the Aubrey Rose Tea Room in La Mesa 🙂

  3. i’m so glad you were able to go for tea. were there three of you that went? i noticed three types of each item on the tiered tray. it looks like they changed up their offerings too, but that’s good to rotate the desserts and sandwiches.

    don’t forget – Royal T/Cafe in Culver City! So cute and very very arty! Plus there are servers in japanese french maid outfits to serve you!

    • Yes there were three of us. It was DH, myself and my sister.

      Ohh, thanks for the reminder. I almost forgot about Royal T! I need to write this stuff down.

  4. I think I found it on one of their Yelp reviews…. $20? Sorry I should have dome research before I asked. 🙂

  5. Do you know how much it is for the afternoon tea? That looks fun.

  6. I love afternoon tea! We went to one at Cafe Chloe that was really good; it was also kind of nice because it wasn’t so traditionally “frilly” and a little more “urban”. I also like the one at Aviara in Carlsbad.

  7. That’s so cute! I love tea. Have you tried Tea Upon Chatsworth in Point Loma? I’ve always wanted to try that place out.