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photo of a coffee mug at Angelina

During our trip to Paris, we had to visit The Louvre. It’s one of the largest museums in the world with an astounding amount of art work. And of course, while we were there, we had to take an afternoon break at Angelina cafe, home to one of the most famous hot chocolates—many argue the best hot chocolate.

We didn’t have a chance to visit the original historical tearoom, hopefully we will another time, but the visit to the cafe inside The Louvre was a nice compromise.

There are two signature items at Angelina: African hot chocolate and the Mont-Blanc. I can’t remember why we ended up not ordering the latter. I believe it was because a few of our friends had it before our visit and didn’t care for it. But now, looking back at these photos, I wish we had given it a try. After all, we were already in Paris!

African hot chocolate
photo of a mug of African hot chocolate
Their famous hot chocolate is composed of three kinds of African cocoa from Niger, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. The hot chocolate is served with a small pot of freshly whipped cream.
photo of African hot chocolate being poured into a mug
Simply by pouring out the hot chocolate, I could already see how smooth it was. The chocolate is quite thick, but still very much a liquid state. It was rich, velvety, and every bit as good as I was led to believe it would be. It’s hard to put into words without experiencing it for yourself. It had the potency of drinking pure melted chocolate and yet the consistency and complexity let you know you weren’t just drinking a bar of chocolate. It was thick, working its way slowly through your mouth and down your throat, and yet it wasn’t so thick that you might liken it to a dipping sauce. It was just right in terms of taste, texture, consistency. It wasn’t cheap, but it was the best hot chocolate I’ve tasted.

There is a recipe shared online for their hot chocolate, though I haven’t tried it myself. I imagine it should taste similar, but not quite the same.
photo of coffee being poured into a mugoverhead photo of a mug of coffee
We had other plans for dinner so we didn’t indulge on any of the other cafe menu items. To help keep up our energy, Mr.K did order some coffee. I really miss coffee from Europe.
photo from inside the Louvre

If you have time, I definitely recommend trying the famous hot chocolate at Angelina.

Multiple locations. The one in the Louvre is located inside Le Café Richelieu
Musée du Louvre, 75001 Paris, France

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2 comments on “Angelina”

  1. Ahhh we are going with my Mom to Paris in the spring and she looooves hot chocolate. Will have to try this one out. Have you had Jacques Torres in NY? I think that’s her current favourite hot chocolate. Ooh and Mariebelle in Soho also does a super good European style hot chocolate 🙂

    • I’ve been to Jacques Torres in NY but I didn’t have the hot choc when I was there. Hmm, will have to check it out next time!

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