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April Ramblings

photo of two cocktailsI hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I missed my March Ramblings post as time just got away from me. But I’m back with an April one!

1. I’m currently obsessed with Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter Cups, which are peanut butter cups stuffed with Reese’s pieces. The Reese’s pieces shells add a crunchy texture to the peanut butter cup filling, like eating crunchy peanut butter.
photo of Reese's Pieces Peanut Butter Cups
I had trouble finding them at the grocery stores but then I found them on Amazon. I was a little hesitant about buying a box of 24, but then Amazon also had an Alexa exclusive deal last month where you save an additional 25%. I was sold!

And you know what? 24 packs goes by really fast. We gave a few to friends who hadn’t tried them yet and then we ate a few, and then suddenly the box was almost empty.

2. Roses from my garden. I’m so excited with how well they are doing.
photo of roses
We got a late start with our garden this year and only just finished planting the tomatoes and other plants last weekend. I hope everything still grows well.

3. Do you enjoy watching the quick 1-minute recipe videos that are really popular right now? You may have noticed that I’ve started adding them to my older recipes. The videos play on the sidebar of the blog and on the specific recipe posts that correspond to an individual video. If you enjoy watching these videos, I’ve also started a youtube channel so that I can upload and organize all my videos. You can subscribe to the channel to see all the latest videos.

Shooting these videos has definitely been a big learning curve and long process. Two months ago, I signed myself up for the digital version of SMTY Food Video Workshop. And I am so thrilled with the results. If you’re looking into making food videos, this course taught me and Mr. K so much.

Mr. K and I went from producing videos like this (what I thought was our best video before the workshop).

To videos like this (second video after the workshop).

4. I discovered The Great British Baking Show on Netflix. It’s a huge show in Britain (The Great British Bake Off) and now I can see the appeal. Even if you don’t bake, it’s a fun show to watch.

I previously watched the American special, and even though they stuck to a very similar format, I didn’t like it that much. But I love the British version.

It’s nice to see a reality show that is so positive and without all the drama. It’s a show about baking and it really does focus only on that. All the contestants seem to get along and are very supportive of each other. And I learn great baking tips as well. Every time I watch an episode, I get inspired to bake.

5. Have you tried the limited edition Haribo Gold Bears? They currently have three flavors and you can vote for your favorite. I’ve only tried the cherry and the green apple. Hopefully I’ll find the watermelon soon. Of the two I tried, I liked the green apple. The cherry one reminded me too much of medicine. I found these two flavors at ALDI.
overhead photo of two packages of limited edition Haribo Gold Bears

6. I was recently featured in Locale Magazine. (Squeal!) It was such a thrill seeing my name on the front cover and have my name right next to Anthony Bourdain. Also the cover has actress Caity Lotz! Her character on Legends of Tomorrow is so awesome.
cover of Locale Magazine
I’m not used to having someone take photos of me while I am eating and taking photos of food, but it was still a fun experience and the photographer was very good at making me feel relaxed. photo of the article in the magazine

That’s it for now. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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8 comments on “April Ramblings”

  1. Those Reese Pieces in the PB cups are so good! Your garden’s flowers look so beautiful. We are barely starting ours. Now that the neighbor’s cat is gone (as in dead), we start growing more vegetables again. Congrats on being in the magazine as well! Kudos to you!

    I have not seen the British Baking Show…I’ll have to binge watch it on Netflix. I have five more weeks ’til work breaks for the summer and I will have more time to watch it then! It sounds like fun.

  2. I LOVE the British Baking Show!!!! It’s awesome.

  3. I agree with you 100% on The Great British Bake-Off. It is such a loving reality show! I made it through all the seasons, sadly, and I’m looking for something new to fill the void!

    • I finished all the Netflix ones just this past week. I was so sad I was done and also sad to learn about that the show will now be on a different channel with new hosts and without Mary. I’m having a hard time filling the void as well!

  4. Wow a lot more editing involved with the newer videos (adding ingredients and such) but definitely formatted clean like the current video trends. I like the Nardcast restaurant promo videos which would be my goal if I ever learned video! Congrats on getting into another magazine! Looks great!