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Creme and Sugar

photo of Unicorn Hot Chocolate and cakes from Creme and SugarCreme and Sugar is a cafe in Anaheim most known for creating Unicorn Hot Chocolate. The cafe also offers Unicorn milkshakes, unicorn cake, and some non-unicorn desserts and drinks.

Having just posted my experience with Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino, I’m continuing with the Unicorn theme and sharing my recent visit to Creme and Sugar.
photo of the outside of Creme and Sugar

photo of the menu display at creme and sugar

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Normally, I try to avoid food coloring and overly sweet creations, but seeing photos of the Unicorn Hot Chocolate brought out the little girl in me.

The interior of the cafe is quite dark, which is a stark contrast to their colorful and vibrant creations.
photo of the interior of creme and sugar
photo of the decor at Creme and Sugar
We briefly considered trying the milkshakes as that seemed to be the most popular item in the cafe that day, but my heart was set on the Unicorn Hot Chocolate. We were also hoping to try their lavender cake which a friend had recommended to me, but they were all out.

Unicorn Hot Chocolate, Cookie Monster Hot Chocolate, Unicorn Cake, Pink Velvet Cake
overhead photo of Unicorn Hot Chocolate, Cookie Monster Hot Chocolate, Unicorn Cake, and Pink Velvet Cake
The hot chocolates are made with white chocolate and food coloring. The Unicorn creation is topped with various sprinkles, whipped cream and marshmallows.

So much pink! We took an excessive amount of photos before finally digging in.
close-up photo of Unicorn Hot Chocolate
The hot chocolate didn’t have much chocolate flavor. It tasted more of milk and sugar. I did enjoy the little crunchy sprinkles. However, for me, once is enough.

The cookie monster creation had crushed cookies mixed into the hot chocolate.
close-up photo of cookie monster hot chocolate
The cakes were very moist but they all tasted of the same flavor, with just the colors to distinguish them.
overhead photo of Unicorn Cake
overhead photo of pink velvet cake
Overall, this is a fun spot to try if you enjoy Unicorn dessert creations or have kids who do. The cafe is quite small and it’s very popular, so there is a little bit of a wait.

Creme and Sugar
6312 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd, Anaheim, CA 92807

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2 comments on “Creme and Sugar”

  1. Too bad the multicolored cake layers taasted one dimensional. They did look pretty, but taste should also be a priority. TC would go crazy at this place. It seems that eveyrthing “unicorn” or over the top with candy and frou frou embellishments is a thing.

    • Unicorn is definitely big. And I guess a lot of it started at this place, which is pretty cool. I heard the lavender cake is supposed to be really good so I’m bummed they were out of it.