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Best Taste of China – Late Night Menu

A few weeks ago, I finally made my way back to Best Taste of China to check out the late night specials.

Between 9pm and 11pm, a large number of dishes are discounted to $4.99 (portions are also reduced). They also offer all-you-can-eat hot pot for $13.99 per person.

We had a group of four and we each chose a dish.

Fish Fillet in Wine Sauce

This was our favorite of the dishes we tried. The fish pieces were so tender and soft. I don’t know how restaurants do it. The white wine sauce was subtle, adding just enough flavor.

Black Bean Beef

While this came out pretty, it was extremely salty and we had trouble finishing it.

Shrimp with Tofu

This is supposed to be shrimp with tofu but it was mainly tofu, with very little shrimp.

Pork Intestine with Jalapeno

This also was overly salty and the intestine slices were thin and overcooked, causing them to be too rubbery.

Overall, we weren’t impressed with the late night specials we had. While I loved the long list of discounted items, we only enjoyed 1 out the 4 dishes we ordered. We’ll have to find a better late night Chinese option.

Best Taste of China
9201 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92126

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3 comments on “Best Taste of China – Late Night Menu”

  1. Thanks its so helpful when you include prices. Being under employed at the moment, eating out is a treat and tourcreviews help me to decide to save up or whether I can treat myself without waiting. The fish dish sounds wonderful as do some of the soups.

  2. I’ve never been here, but I thought Imperial Mandarin’s late-night was not bad. They also had similar pricing, I think – but the portions were smaller than these (from the pictures).

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