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Big Joy Family Bakery & Cafe

photo of the outside of Big Joy Family Bakery & CafeIt’s been quite a few years since we’ve visited Big Joy Family Bakery & Cafe. We recently stopped in to check out some of their new dessert items I had seen in their Instagram feed.

The cafe offers a variety of macarons, shaved ice, cakes, sandwiches and drinks.
photo of the macaron display casephoto of signage inside the bakeryphoto of the menu at Big Joy Family Bakery & Cafe

photo of more menus at Big Joy Family Bakery & Cafe

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich
photo of Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich
This has been a trending dessert and I can never resist trying it when I see it. They had a few different colored shells to choose from and I was told that they are all the same plain flavor and just decorated differently. For the ice cream, I chose cookies and cream. You can also get toppings as well for an additional charge. I chose a simple chocolate sauce, which they do not charge extra for.

I loved the presentation with the chocolate drizzle. The macarons were a little bit on the thin side, but had a nice chew to them.  I do wish they offered different flavored shells.

Macaron Frappe
photo of Macaron Frappe
I was also really looking forward to trying this. You can choose from a long list of frappe flavors (including non-coffee ones), ice cream and 3 macarons. We chose mocha, with vanilla ice cream, and strawberry, red velvet and French vanilla macarons.
overhead photo of Macaron Frappe
This was quite a sugary drink, but that was to be expected. I loved the look of the macarons on top!
photo of the dining areaphoto of the inside of the bakery
Overall, this is a nice spot to get dessert. They have a good variety of macarons and other desserts and the staff was friendly. I can’t see myself ordering the macaron frappe often, but it was fun to try once and I’d come back with friends.

Big Joy Family Bakery & Cafe
4176 Convoy St, San Diego, CA 92111


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4 comments on “Big Joy Family Bakery & Cafe”

  1. Oh man, I haven’t been here in years either! It looks like they updated their logo and the interior. That macaron drink looks so awesome – I think I might have to go try it for myself! I remember I used to come here for the coffee drinks and a slice of cake back in the day.

  2. I love visiting Big Joy Family Bakery but I fear that 85 Bakery has been taking a lot of business from them. With the exception of their macarons, a lot the cookies seem really old (I went in during March and saw NYE cookies being sold).

    • Yikes on the cookies! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten any of the breads and cookies at Big Joy. I used to go a lot in college, but we’d always stick to the cakes and then after the macarons came out, I only got macarons.

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