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Bing Haus

photo of the outside of Bing HausBing Haus opened last week, offering coffee and Thai-style ice cream rolls.

This trendy dessert is originally from Thailand and offered in many parts of Asia. It recently was introduced to the US market, first in New York and now spreading to other cities. The ice cream starts with a milk base, with flavors and other ingredients mixed in. The ice cream is made on a chilled grill and spread out to a thin layer until it freezes. The ice cream is then formed into rolls.

Since Bing Haus is only in their soft opening phase, they currently only offer three flavors. They are also serving Bird Rock Coffee.
photo of the menus at Bing Haus
I couldn’t resist coming in a few days after they opened. Luckily, there wasn’t much of a line when I visited. Since the staff is still getting used to the process, it does take them a few minutes to make each order. When I went, we only waited about 15-20 minutes before our orders were ready, but during busy times, the wait can be an hour or more.
photo of the tile floor at Bing Haus
The dessert shop has cute floor tiles, including a “Hi” greeting spelled out when you enter the shop.

Cookies and Cream with mint leaves and wafer stick
photo of Cookies and Cream with mint leaves and wafer stick
During our visit, we decided to try two of the three. The cookies and cream ice cream rolls were topped with more crushed cookies, brownie bites, fresh mint, and a wafer.

The ice cream itself is very creamy, despite its sturdy appearance. If you’ve tasted the liquid nitrogen ice cream that’s been trending, it’s a similar milk base and a similar texture. I really enjoyed this one, especially with the chocolate fudgy brownie topping. What’s especially great about this ice cream process is that there are so many flavors you can create, with fresh fruit and various toppings. Right now, they understandably only offer three, but I can’t wait to see what other ones they add to the menu.

Green Tea with Strawberries and Mochi
photo of Green Tea with Strawberries and Mochi
We enjoyed this one as well. I thought the green tea flavor was just right, not too intense but not too mild. However, I did prefer the cookies and cream.

Iced Coffee
photo of an iced coffee
We also ordered a glass of iced coffee to go with our ice cream.

overhead photo of the desserts at Bing Haus
Overall, we had a great first visit. We tried ice cream rolls from one of the popular spots in NYC this weekend and the taste and texture was very comparable to the version we had at Bing Haus (though the ones in NY offer a dizzying mount of flavors and toppings), so I’m really excited that Bing Haus has opened and can’t wait to see what else they have planned. If you’re worried about a long wait, I suggest going during off peak hours such as right when they first open. They will be in soft opening phase for a few more weeks. The staff was very friendly when we visited and I’m sure they’ll get faster at making the ice cream rolls with experience.

You can also check out CC’s visit from this weekend here.

Bing Haus
4425 Convoy St #216, San Diego, CA 92111


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2 comments on “Bing Haus”

  1. It will be nice if/when they offer other flavors. The owner came out to talk to us and asked for suggestions (she was super nice). We liked our desserts here and were glad we went early (no line and not much of a wait). I will have to try that iced coffee next time. 🙂