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Birthday Cakes Redux

It’s been almost two months since my birthday, but I’m only now getting around to posting about my cakes.

Given my penchant for sweets, cake is of course a must for my birthday. Last year I ended up with three cakes! Way too many. So this year, to make sure I didn’t end up with too much cake, instead of following my tradition of having Jenny of Jenny Wenny Cakes make me an entire cake, I ordered cupcakes from her instead.

Cupcakes are so convenient and it also allowed me to choose multiple flavors and distribute them to friends and family celebrating my birthday.

Last year, I had Jenny make a me a cherry blossom themed cake. I love cherry blossoms and it was the prettiest birthday cake I’ve ever had. I couldn’t think of any design to top that so I decided to stick with cherry blossoms again, but on the cupcakes.

For the flavors I chose hummingbird, banana chocolate chip and chocolate mud. Her hummingbird and chocolate mud are two of my favorites. The hummingbird has a tropical feel, it has banana, pineapple, walnuts, etc. The chocolate mud has a very rich chocolate flavor, perfect for chocoholics. The banana one was tasty too, full of chocolate chips.

The cupcakes came out so pretty! I still squeal a little inside every time I look at the photos.

Here’s the cherry blossom cake from last year. The inside was filled with her chocolate mud, interspersed with layers of chocolate mousse.

Mr. K also bought me a cake from 85 C bakery. This is actually the first time we’ve gotten a cake from them. He ordered a taro brulee since I love taro flavored cakes and the color purple.

Inside, the cake has a layer of pudding and a layer of taro, and  soft sponge cake. This was pretty good. Better than the taro ones I’ve had at the Ranch 99 bakery, but not the best Asian-style cake I’ve had. We’ll have to keep exploring other bakeries.

Happy Friday everyone!

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12 comments on “Birthday Cakes Redux”

  1. Wow, that cherry blossom design is gorgeous! I hope I remember Jenny Wenny Cakes when my birthday rolls around 🙂 I’ve tried the mango pudding cake from 85C and really liked that one… but maybe it’s because we had just tried Pangea’s pudding cake right before that, and 85C was way better.

    • Oh i think I had a small mini mango pudding cake from 85C before and liked it too. I am curious about some of the other asian bakeries in the Irvine area though so I might try one of them next year.

  2. You buy your own birthday cake? Wow!

  3. i too favor cupcakes over cake.

  4. Wow those are really pretty decorations for the cupcakes? How much extra is it to ask for custom design for the cupcakes? I’m glad you bought these cupcakes instead of Sprinkles 🙂

  5. Gorgeous pics! Thanks for the kind words! The cake from 85c looks like a work of art, I love the way the fresh fruit looks!

    • I liked the fresh fruit on top though I wasn’t crazy about the purple color spray on the outside frosting. I liked your cupcakes better. Those little disks of cherry blossom flowers were so pretty! i wanted to keep them forever.

  6. Pretty! Have you ever tried Cathy’s Bakery cakes from San Gabriel? They’re definitely not the prettiest but the pudding cake is sooooo good. Of course I write due to a large part of nostalgic fondness for it (had it got every birthday growing up), but the pudding cake still tops my all time cake loves.

    And pssst, have you heard of the new Taiwanese restaurant opening on Convoy, “Yes, PinGo?” I think I’m going to try it with a friend this week but I was wondering if you been yet and what you think.

    • I have not tried Cathy’s Bakery or the new Taiwanese restaurant. Thanks for the tip! I need to check both out, esp the one on Convoy! I’m always excited for new Taiwanese places in SD.

  7. I love the creativity and beauty of the design of these cupcakes. I love looking at blogs to get ideas on cakes and cupcakes.

    And now I am hungry! 😉

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