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Blush Desserts

As reported by Eater last week, Blush Desserts recently soft opened.

With promises of macarons, snow ice, and more, I couldn’t wait a moment longer, and stopped in over the weekend.

The dessert shop is decorated a pretty pink. It made me think of what the inside of Hello Kitty’s house would look like if she were throwing a tea party. There was one lone table set-up, the rest of the space was still pretty empty.

The dessert options was pretty limited. There were five flavors of macarons, mini strawberry tarts, and cream puffs. There was also a selection of loose leaf tea.

I ended up purchasing four flavors of macarons to-go: Mostra-misu, raspberry rose cream, lavender, and creme brulee.

The macarons all had a soft and airy shell. I prefer my macarons to have a slight chew in the center and these did not, but this is just my personal preference.

While I didn’t love the macarons, I do want to come back once they are fully up and running. I would love to try other desserts, their version of snow ice, and hopefully linger around with friends over a pot of tea. They do have a Facebook page which is keeping pretty good track of their progress.

Blush Desserts
4817 Convoy Street
San Diego, California 92111

8 comments on “Blush Desserts”

  1. I saw this last week! It wasn’t open yet when I saw it though. Those little tarts with the strawberries look so cute. Hopefully they’ll be fully open and running when I stop by that plaza again. It looks like it could have some potential.

  2. What happened to that poor macaron in the upper right? It looks smooshed!

    I also noticed some of the macarons in the display case have a case of “macaron nipples”, which means the batter was not mixed enough, resulting in nipples + hollow shell (airy, no chew). It’s unfortunately a technical mistake, and something that the baker will/should learn to correct.

  3. I like them with a bit of chew too. And I’m excited for the snow ice, would be great to have a really good snow ice place in SD 🙂

  4. Ooh, thanks for the report! I hope they are furnished and have more dessert options by the time of their grand opening. I noticed the macaron “nipple” (haha) too. Well made macarons should not have those nor should the shells be hollow or airy.

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