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Boba Bar and Desserts

On a recent visit to Zion Market, I saw that Boba Bar and Desserts is now open.

The dessert spot offers a mix of Asian dessert offerings. They appear to be trying to do a little of everything. We saw a counter with several Vietnamese desserts. They also offer boba tea, ice cream, and snow ice!

Tiger Milk Tea

The tiger tea is a mix of Thai iced tea and Black Milk Tea. I was sort of hoping they could somehow layer it to look like tiger strips. Tastewise, this basically tasted like a less sweet version of Thai icced tea because of the black tea added in.

Of course I had to try the snow ice.

Deluxe Mango Snow Ice with mini mochi and lychee jelly

They currently only offer a few flavors (original, mango, strawberry and lychee), but the employee highly recommended the mango one. I had wanted to try the lychee one but she told us that they were still experimenting and hadn’t quite gotten it right yet with the flavor.

The deluxe (small) comes with two toppings ($4.00). We got mini mochi and lychee jelly. We also got it with condensed milk drizzled on top.

Unfortunately, the snow ice still needs some work. We noticed that they appear to be making their own snow ice rather than using premade ice blocks. Hopefully they will improve on it. It was a little too icy. The snow didn’t fall into thinly shaved ribbons. I did like that it wasn’t a very artificial orange color, though it did taste like they just added mango syrup.

I probably won’t be coming here to get my snow ice fix, but I love that there is a dessert place now in the food court and it’s so convenient to stop by after doing some grocery shopping.

Boba Bar and Desserts
inside Zion Market
7655 clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, California 92111

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10 comments on “Boba Bar and Desserts”

  1. The last sentence about the grand opening: ‘giveaways, flash mobs and live entertainment’ It’s gonna be crazy!

    • Ooh, you are quoted in the article! Hmm, the flashmobs and live entertainment might keep me away that weekend. heh.

  2. No, i didn’t get the snow ice or anything for that matter. i was too full from lunch earlier that day. i will have to try it for a future visit. I hope their Grand Opening goes well! A lot has happened over the past few weeks in the store, as they gear up for the big day.

    • I’m sure the Grand Opening will go well. Now I’m just wondering if I want to visit during the Grand Opening. It will probably be quite crowded.

  3. Aww too bad about the snow ice. I’m glad that snow ice is taking off in San Diego, though. It looks like their drinks are also pre-made and stored in the display case?

    • The tea and slushie drinks are made when you order. The ones in the display were the Vietnamese pudding/jellies that are often sold in cups. I was hoping the snow ice would be better and then I could get everything in one stop! Shopping, tea, snow ice, lunch, etc. Oh well.

  4. They warned us that the snow was made the night before and the texture might not be correct. Ordered it without the condensed milk and the flavor was *very* creamy and a good green tea/matcha flavor…also ordered two beverages (without boba). The people working are very nice. The ice creams are all ‘natural’ and good. Official Grand Opening of Zion is this weekend.

    • Oh, good to know about the official grand opening. Maybe I should have tried the matcha! The drink we had (tiger milk) was good. I just didn’t like the boba very much.

  5. TC and her friend had a boba slushie. While the slushi itself was enjoyable, they thought that the boba was “slimy” in texture and too soft. They didn’t tell me until after we got home because they wanted to be polite to me.

    • Did you try the snow ice? I didn’t care for the boba. I was telling Mr. K that considering they are called “boba bar” they should really have great boba.