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Bottega Italiana

There have been so many new restaurants opening in the UTC mall I’ve been keeping track of, but I completely missed the opening of Bottega Italiana and any news of its impending opening. So I was delighted and surprised when I spotted it on my way to watch Les Miserables at Arclight.

Bottega Italiana is a gelato cafe which originates from Pike Place Market in Seattle. The gelato is also sold at Nado Gelato in Coronado, which has been one of my favorite places to get gelato in San Diego. Since I love gelato so much, I’m super excited that there is now another location that serves Bottega Italiana gelato in San Diego, especially since I don’t make it out to Coronado much.

The cafe is located next to Arclight theater. It’s fairly small inside, offers around ten flavors of gelato as well as coffee. They also sell Chuao chocolate bars as well.

I opted for a small with split flavors of pistachio and stracciatella.

I really enjoy the quality of gelato from Bottega Italiana. It’s not too icy and doesn’t taste artificial. I was hoping DH would get one as well but he was too full.

I’ve heard good things about the coffee here, but haven’t yet tried any. We’ll have to do that next time. Now that we know it’s here, we’ll definitely be back often so I can get my gelato fix.

Bottega Italiana
(inside UTC mall near Arclight)
4445 La Jolla Village Drive, Suite H-17
San Diego, Ca 92122

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6 comments on “Bottega Italiana”

  1. Yum gelato! I love when they let you split flavors on the smaller sizes like that, more to try out!

  2. Hi! I was just there the other night too! I first went to Chuao b/c I like their gelatos. I asked if they make in house and they said nope, they get their own special batches from Bottega!! I guess Bottega makes gelato specifically for Chuao (such as their Mayan Chocolate and the Modena strawberry – have you tried these two yet?). Then I went to the gelato next to Arclight not knowing it was Bottega – wondering why they would open up their own place at UTC when Chuao carries about 6-8 different gelato flavors as well? Great gelatos though!

    • You know I was just wondering where Chuao’s gelato comes from especially after I saw the Chuao chocolate bars inside Bottega. I guess having a Bottega still has some benefits- diff gelato flavors, the coffee. Also I think it was a little cheaper than Chuao prices but I could be wrong.

  3. Yum!! I’ve passed by this place once but didn’t go in because I was too full. Can’t wait to try it, though! S has been complaining that there isn’t gelato in UTC, hehe.