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Boudin SF just opened its newest San Diego branch in the Balboa Mesa complex (also home to the future 85ºC Bakery and Chicken Charlie’s). The bakery, originally from San Francisco, is known for their sourdough bread and sculpted bread creations. The cafe location also serve a variety of sandwiches, salads, and soups.

The official grand opening is set for October 2, but they are currently operating through a soft opening and training.

Through their Facebook page, I learned that they were inviting the public to dine for free during their soft opening, with the encouragement that guests would donate to local San Diego charity, Promises2Kids. We signed up to attend of one of the sessions this weekend.

Once inside, we got to choose one entree and one dessert.

Guests were also allowed to take home a loaf of fresh baked bread or one of their adorable turtle breads. Guess which one I chose?

Clam Chowder in a Sourdough bowl

Of course I had to order this signature dish. I normally am not a huge fan of sourdough bread, but the hunk of sourdough bread was so fluffy and fresh, and it paired well with the thick chowder. This is probably our favorite item to get at Boudin SF.

1/2 Pesto Chicken Sandwich with Butternut Squash Soup

This was Mr. K’s choice. He thought the sandwich could have used a little more pesto. We both found the butternut squash soup to be a bit too sweet. The cranberries and walnuts were also sweet, so it just ended up being sweet on top of sweet on top of sweet.

For dessert, there is a display case full of pastries and baked goods.

I chose a double chocolate muffin

Mr. K chose a chocolate chip cookie.

Before we left, we requested our turtle breads, and they were nice and hot still. But I couldn’t bring myself to eat mine!

Overall, we had a good time here. Of course this is only the soft opening, so we’ll be back to check it out once things are fully up and running, but so far the cafe dishes and breads were on par with the other Boudin locations we’ve been to. While it’s now too late to sign up for any of the free dining sessions, you can sign up here to get a free loaf of bread next time you visit and you can send a free loaf of bread to your friends too! Also, if you’re one of the first 100 people to be in line on opening day, you’ll earn free bread for a year. It looks like they are expecting a big crowd though because they are scheduled to have “camping out all night” activities on Wednesday evening.

Boudin SF
5407 Balboa Ave
San Diego, CA
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8 comments on “Boudin SF”

  1. I never knew about their shaped breads, only the chowder in a bowl. The new location looks promising with all of the other new tenants (85C  needs to open soon!)..

    • I think the shaped breads are more sparingly displayed at the smaller cafes. This location is so big with a full bakery inside so it has a lot more. They have the smaller ones like the turtles on a regular basis, but for the larger animals you do have to special order ahead of time.

  2. I like this chain BUT – -I have found that the sourdough bread sold by Boudin is NOT sour.  Your review notes you’re not a fan of sourdough so…… the fact it’s not sour is probably a plus for you ; – ).  

              I have never found GOOD sourdough bread, in Southern California.      I firmly believe it has to do with the bacteria in the air, that exists in NorCal.   We just don’t have it down here. 

    • The sourdough bread is less sour here which is probably why I enjoy it. haha. I think though, it’s because this one is meant to be a sourdough French bread rather than just regular sourdough, which is why it’s more mild in flavor.

  3. This may be the first Boudin I’ve seen outside of a mall! Except for the one at Disneyland and the one in Ghirardelli Square in SF (which I guess is sort of like a mall?) Do the ones in the mall have pastries, too?? 

    Also – when is the 85C going to open? I can’t wait…

    • There was one near my parents’ place that opened recently which is also a bigger cafe outside of a mall. But yeah, I don’t see as many. I really like the bigger ones. I haven’t visited the one in UTC in so long. Don’t remember if it has pastries. I’m impatient for 85C to open…

  4. There’s a stand alone in San Marcos; I meet clients there once a year.  I also don’t like sourdough and opt for a soup and salad which are very good. 

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