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Brats Berlin

Brats Berlin is a new food truck in San Diego, owned by the same owners that also own Crepes Bonaparte.

When I’m looking for food trucks to dine at, one thing I’m looking for is a truck that serves items I can’t usually get. I don’t really want pizza or burgers. I want unique food.

One of the things that attracted me to Brats Berlin is that they serve exotic sausages: alligator, wild boar, kangaroo, and rattlesnake ($8 each). They also serve the more traditional ones as well ($6 each).

The truck also features artwork by local street artists which changes a few times a year, which really makes the truck stand out.

DH and I each chose a sausage to try.

Smoked Alligator and Antelope Andouille

You can choose two toppings for each sausage, we chose grilled onions and peppers for both. The sausage was a little bit spicy and as a result, I thought the spice masked the taste of the exotic meat.

Rattlesnake and Pheasant with Jalapeno and Onion

I was surprised to find this sausage to be much drier than expected. It didn’t ooze with oil or juices when I bit in. However, I think that is just the nature of the meat. My experience with rattlesnake is that it tastes similar to chicken and has a similar drier texture. So I think the result of making a sausage with pheasant and rattlesnake is that you have meats that don’t have as much fat/oil. I still really enjoyed the sausage once I got used to the drier nature of it and I actually enjoyed it more than the alligator. While there was a slow burn from the jalapeno, you can taste the meat more in this sausage and I could definitely tell I wasn’t eating chicken, beef or pork.

Small order Belgium cut fries

We’d heard really good things about the french fries, so we opted to share an order. The small order was still quite big and enough for both of us. The fries were very crispy. I can definitely understand why people have been raving about them. The only thing missing was a little seasoning.

Brats Berlin also offers a combination meal which includes fries, a drink and a classic sausage for $10.50.

As a personal preference, I like Crepes Bonaparte more, but this is a good truck to check out if you want to experience exotic meats or you are in the mood for a sausage and fries. You can check out their full truck schedule on their website.

Please note, I was invited to try out the truck and my food was complimentary. However, I was not paid for this review and my opinions are my own.

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9 comments on “Brats Berlin”

  1. What an interesting concept! but the rattlesnake sausage totally puts me off because I’m scared of snake, dead or alive >.< Maybe I will give it a try when I start missing the brats from Berlin.

    • Aw really? I kind of like the taste, though I’ve only had rattlesnake twice. I’m scared of it alive too but if i don’t have to see it I don’t mind eating it. Well there’s many other sausages to try too. =)

  2. wow, very diverse meat choices!

    my only gripe with food trucks is that i don’t feel like i should have to ‘follow’ it around. but then, again, that’s coming from non-facebook/non-twitter me/non smart phone me. ha ha.

    • Heh. I’m not great at following them around either. Most of them do have a weekly schedule that they put up and I will check that and plan maybe a weekend lunch or something around that. Or I go to some gathering.

  3. This sounds a lot like what Wurstkurche does except on wheels!

    I agree…why visit a food truck if you can get the same thing anywhere else. I love the gourmet food trucks that do something different. I can’t say I was overly fond of alligator when I had it…tasted like a fishy chicken.

    • I couldn’t taste the fishiness, maybe because of the spice. I know what you mean about fishy though. I ate crocodile once and didn’t like it very much.

  4. I’ve eaten at this truck at Boomers. I thought it was good, too. Especially like the variety of meats available. It makes it fun to order! 🙂 I haven’t caught the Crepe truck but it sounds delicious. I’ve been trying to try a new one each week at Boomers since it is near where I live and they have been having Thursday meet ups.

  5. Alligator,Phesant and Rattesnake, oh my! I don’t think that this princess would dare go near something like that! Kudos, to you for trying. Been listening in on your blog and sounds great.Your pictures are awesome. Those french fries are to die for, fries may be greasy but a princess can splurge once in a while,right?

    May all your culinary adventures be tasty,

    The Teen Princess of Buttermilk Springs