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Bruxie revisit

I’ve been trying to satisfy my Bruxie waffle sandwich cravings before the students come back to SDSU. My initial visit to the San Diego location can be found here.

I previously discussed my love for the light and airy waffles, but had not been able to find the a sandwich combination that was worth a repeat. But I finally found some favorites on this trip.

Green Eggs & Ham
Grilled Ham, Tillamook Cheddar, Jumbo Egg, Mayo & Arugula Pesto

While this is a breakfast waffle, it’s served all day. Perhaps it’s my pesto obsession, but this was just a great combination of flavors. My one wish was that they had kept the egg yolk runny.

Prosciutto & Gruyere
Prosciutto di Parma and Gruyere Cheese with Whole Grain Mustard & Chives

A founder’s favorite, you can add a fried egg and arugula for a little extra (I believe it was $1.50 more). The arugula cuts into the saltiness of the proscuitto and gives the sandwich a great balance. Both of these sandwiches became our favorites on the menu.

Nutella & Bananas With Sweet Cream

I tried the liege waffle previously and liked it, but I wanted to try the sweet version of their light Belgian waffle. The Bruxie signature waffle works just as well for a savory sandwich as it does for a sweet treat. I personally prefer the sandwiches though.

Overall, we had another satisfying meal here. Because of the small parking lot, we’ll probably be avoiding this spot once all the students come back but we’ll be sneaking in visits whenever the students are on break.

5157 College Avenue•San Diego, CA 92115

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8 comments on “Bruxie revisit”

  1. I want to go back and try the Belgian waffle as a dessert, too. The green eggs and ham sandwich looks so bright with that pesto! Think I’ll have to try that next time, too.

  2. Thanks for the reminder to go before SDSU students return!

  3. Absolutely must sneak in there before the students come back! That shot of the sandwich with prosciutto and arugula is too pretty. And I love pesto too. I think I would hack my prosciutto and arugula sandwich with pesto AND an egg.

  4. I like the look of that pesto with eggs! Good thing you guys went before State started! It’s going to get pretty crazy once it does!

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