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Bubbies Mochi

Bubbies is an ice cream and dessert chain in Hawaii, but their mochi ice cream products are now available at Whole Foods Del Mar, replacing the previous gelato station.

There is no real signage. When you enter, it’s on the far left part of the store, where you can also order drinks.

I was pretty excited to see so many flavors of mochi ice cream. And the shape of these mochi are just so cute.

Flavors available: chocolate espresso, strawberry, mango, lychee, guava, pistachio, blueberry, white chocolate raspberry, passionfruit.

Each one  is priced at $1.50, or if you order a Baker’s Dozen (13), it’s $15. As I was trying to decide which flavors to try, Mr. K suggested we just get them all. Yeah, this is why I married this guy.

The mochi were placed into a plastic container and we quickly whisked them home where I could snap a few quick photos before eating them and putting the rest away.

My favorite so far is the lychee but I haven’t eaten all 13 yet.

Don’t let the melted ice cream drop discourage you. These were frozen solid when we got them, but I took this picture about 30 minutes after. I was actually surprised that they were still holding up so well.

The exterior of the mochi was chewy and soft. And the inside was filled with a delightful bite of flavored ice cream. We’ll definitely be getting these again next time we’re in the area.

Bubbies Mochi
Inside Whole Foods Del Mar (on the left side when you enter)
2600 Via De La Valle, Del Mar, CA 92014

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8 comments on “Bubbies Mochi”

  1. Here is to hoping they have them in NC!

  2. Ohh, looks like they’ve got a lot of flavors. I wonder if they have this at the WF in La Jolla since I have to stop by there this week. Guess I’ll find out! I love how colorful they look as well. 

  3. Oh wow, something to look for next time I’m up in the area.  I like that there are so many flavors!

  4. WF Hillcrest has a Bubbies station now too!  I saw it and was overcome with happiness!  My favorites are Lychee and Lilikoi.  I will be a regular now since these are little bits of heaven.

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