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Cafe 21 Happy Hour

The downtown location of Cafe21 recently relocated to their new space (formerly occupied by Croce’s). I wanted to go check it out, so we stopped by for their Happy Hour, which has 21 food items offered at a discounted price of $5 as well as discounts on their signature sangrias, specialty mimosas (only $3.50!), and draft beers.

Happy Hour, or what they call “Happier Hour,” is offered seven days a week from 3 – 6pm. Unlike some restaurants which regulate Happy Hour to the patio and bar, you can sit anywhere you like, including the main dining area inside. Since it was such a nice day though, we decided to sit outside and people watch.

I did get a peek at the interior though and love the new space. There appears to be an upstairs section added and I also love the decor.

Sangria Flight

We love getting the sangria flight when we are at Cafe21. This is normally $20, but during Happy Hour it’s only $10.50. My favorite of the bunch was the tropical one, which had a kiwi slice inside. I don’t know what they use to make their Sangrias but they are very strong. I barely had any and I was definitely feeling it.

Four Cheese Fondue

Of all the appetizers we tried, this was our favorite. The cheese dip was extremely rich. Toasted bread and slices of pear were provided for dipping. After we finished the bread and pear, Mr. K simply used a spoon to eat the remaining cheese.

The rest of the appetizers were served together on one tray. From left to right: Turkey kufta, avocado fries, duck wings, potato lamb.

I love the natural wood serving plate, though I was a little disappointed with the portion sizes of these appetizers.

The turkey kufta meatballs didn’t taste too special, and a little pricey at $1 a piece. Cafe21 has some great fruit and vegetable fry options like eggplant, mushroom and avocado fries. I enjoyed the avocado ones though next time I’ll do the eggplant or mushroom ones which are more rare.

The braised duck wings weren’t quite my style. I like my duck meat to be a little firmer. The potato lamb consisted of their famed potato pancake topped with braised lamb. I enjoyed this one, but mainly for the crispy potato pancake which has always been one of my favorite items here.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

We ended our meal with the flourless chocolate cake. I thought this was a good amount for the $5 price. It was a well executed flourless chocolate cake: rich, decadent and chocolatey. And chocolate cake always tastes better in a skillet.

Overall, we liked all the choices offered during Happy Hour but found some of the portions a little small. The sangria and mimosa deals are an especially good and our favorites from the food options are the four cheese fondue and the flourless chocolate cake. Service was very good and attentive throughout too.

You can also check out CC’s post on Happy Hour at Cafe21 here. She also went to the original Adams location as well, where the prices are $4 for Happy Hour.

802 Fifth Ave
San Diego, CA 92101

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6 comments on “Cafe 21 Happy Hour”

  1. I will have to try the mimosa flights next time as well as that flourless chocolate cake. That’s bigger than I expected it to be!

  2. Love their sangria! Especially the watermelon and cantaloupe one they have sometimes. I follow them on FB and they always have so many inventive dishes and your appetizer selection definitely showed that, too bad portions were small/not everything was a hit. Have only been there for brunch, should try it out for happy hour sometime.

  3. Desserts in a skillet are always so amazing to me. I don’t know why though, maybe I just really love skillets. Is that a strawberry or raspberry sauce on top? The fondue looks really good, too (another skillet!).

    • raspberry sauce! I agree, desserts in skillets are delicious. I keep saying I will make it at home one day but I never get around to it.