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Cafe Hue revisit

Cafe Hue
3860 Convoy St. #106
San Diego, CA 92111

After my meal at Spicy House a few weeks back, I passed by Cafe Hue, which is right next door, on my way out. I haven’t had the desire to revisit Cafe Hue after not being too fond of their belgium waffle.

But as I was passing by, I noticed a display of ice cream. Now this did excite me. Previously, I was able to order my waffle at Cafe Hue with gelato. However, they didn’t serve the gelato separately. Was it now finally serving a gelato bar?

I’ve mentioned before that gelato has been the next big trend in the Bay Area since the fro-yo craze, with many frozen yogurt shops also offering a variety of gelato including many asian flavors like green tea and lychee.  So far, I haven’t seen the same in San Diego. The only gelato shops are the traditional Italian gelato shops.

So I was excited to see gelato displayed at Cafe Hue and went in to give it a try. They had lots of flavors. I ended up choosing green tea and hazelnut.

The gelato ended up being really disappointing. It tasted very artificial and different from the gelato I had previously when I had it as a waffle topping.

Little Sis got some chocolate. BF got vanilla. I thought they were all too artificial tasting.  I left pretty disappointed.

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5 comments on “Cafe Hue revisit”

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  2. Aw, what a bummer. Bad gelato? I didn’t think such a thing was possible!

    • I think a lot of the asian places that serve gelato are playing loosely with the word “gelato.” Because a lot of them do not have the right consistency or the flavor that I love from Italian gelato spots.

  3. Yeah our last visit there was disappointing too. Something seems different there and I’m not sure why. And it’s expensive. How much was your total? How come you didn’t try their waffles this time around?

    • Yes I agree it was expensive! I don’t remember how much it was anymore, but I remember thinking it was pricey. I was really disappointed in their waffle before and didn’t see the point in trying it again. I had a really good Belgium waffle in Seattle and I’m pretty sure Cafe Hue’s would not be as good.

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