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California Donuts

California Donuts opened a few months ago. I was curious about this little store, especially when I heard about their “California Dozen” of 14 donuts.

This shopping plaza will also house a future Rita’s Ice, which we already saw in the works.

When we visited California Donuts, the donut display was quite full. There were all the usual suspects as well as a few less common ones like blueberry donuts and red velvet donuts. They also had five different flavors of donut holes.

The donut prices were pretty reasonable. but I was definitely drawn to the California dozen, 14 donuts for $8.99.

All of the donuts on display, except for the top row of specialty oversized donuts, could be selected from.

Here was our selection (don’t worry, we did share!)

The boxed used for the California dozen wasn’t very roomy so many of the donuts got a little smashed once they were packaged.

We chose 2 original glazed, 2 glaze twists, 1 red velvet, 1 cinnamon swirl, 1 mini apple fritter, 2 buttermilk bars, 2 blueberry, 1 glazed french cruller, 1 sugar donut, and 1 coconut frosted.

Of the donuts I tried, I preferred the cake donuts over the yeast ones. While all the donuts tasted fresh and fluffy, there was an aftertaste that got more noticeable with each bite and was especially apparent in the yeast donuts. I’m guessing it is the oil used to fry the donuts. I don’t know what oil they used, but it left an unpleasant aftertaste and a film in my mouth.

If it wasn’t for the strange aftertaste, I would have enjoyed these donuts more. My favorites were the blueberry and the buttermilk bar. I found the blueberry to be especially flavorful and light.

Some of the most disappointing were the red velvet and the French cruller.

The red velvet was moist but didn’t taste like red velvet. The French cruller was extremely eggy and wet.

The customer service was friendly when we visited and I found the prices to be very reasonable. But I simply could not get over the aftertaste of the donuts.

California Donuts
11255 Camino Ruiz
San Diego, CA92126


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12 comments on “California Donuts”

  1. I tried this place when it first opened and I also got a cruller and it was honestly one of the worst crullers I’ve ever had. I visited in the afternoon as well and the donuts didn’t taste very fresh. I never felt like coming in to revisit after that 🙁

    I’m excited to hear that the Rita’s will be here though! So close to my house!  Thought that could also be dangerous… 

    • i agree, the cruller was bad. I actually spit out my first bite. The other donuts were fresh, just had that weird aftertaste, oil film. I’m excited for Rita’s too. I’ve stopped by the RP one a few times but it’s always crowded and I dont want to wait in line.

  2. Love the sound of the apple fritter and the blueberry one. Shame they didn’t all taste as good as they looked

  3. That’s too bad. It’s right behind my house. I’m really excited about Rita’s, though. It can’t open soon enough!

  4. Yikes, too bad about the oily aftertaste. That is not appetizing at all. 

    • yeah I’m not sure what it is they use to fry the donuts in. It tasted a little bit like shortening, but I’m not sure. I just know I didn’t like the feeling it left in my mouth.

  5. Thanks for taking one for the team … will stick with Donut Touch.

  6. No…  Not the dreaded aftertaste…  The donuts looked so good and it’s not too far away…

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