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Cap’s Pizza & Bar

Caps Pizza & Bar
1428 1st Ave

San Diego
, CA 92101
(619) 237-8081

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Caps Pizza & Bar is a small Italian restaurant that I like to go to when I am in the area. It used to be called Caparell’s. I’m not sure if the owners have changed with the new name change. It does seem that some of the food didn’t taste exactly the same as my previous visits.

The food here is relatively cheap and the portions are pretty big.  The staff is casual and friendly. I usually enjoy the pizza and calzones here. I took my cousin here after a long day at Seaworld. She brought her camera on this visit and was taking pictures of all the food, which made my job easier.

All the pasta options have a a dinner option where you get salad and garlic bread for about $1 more.  The garlic bread was just okay. I didn’t like that there were sesame seeds all over the bread they used.

On this occasion I ordered the three meat calzone. I love how thick and soft the bread is for the calzone. The three meat one has both ricotta cheese and mozzarella.  The ricotta adds a hint of sweetness to the calzone that I enjoy. I did find that there wasn’t enough tomato sauce though. While it looks like a lot, I ran out after eating half my calzone. The calzone is pretty filling. I only ate half of mine.

Boyfriend ordered the sausage pizza. I was surprised at how cheesy it was. Normally I love the pizza here, but this time it had too much cheese and not enough sauce.

Baby Bro’s girlfriend ordered the baked penne. I thought the plate looked huge but she polished it off. 

Baby Bro ordered the linguine with clams. 

Little Sis ordered the shrimp fettuccini

Here is the menu:

6 comments on “Cap’s Pizza & Bar”

  1. The sesame seeds on the garlic bread seems odd. I think the best garlic bread is at Leucadia’s. I haven’t had anything better anywhere else so far! That stuff is like crack…if crack was buttery, garlic-y toasted goodness.

  2. Really? I never tried garlic bread at Leucadia! Need to check it out.

  3. The best part, it’s complimentary so can get basket after basket after basket… 😀 As for the rest of the food, I think the pizza’s a little greasy. The pasta’s decent. I used to go to the one in the UTC area for lunch since they had HUGE and inexpensive lunch specials ranging from $5-7.

  4. hi k – i remember when it was caparell’s. haven’t been there in ages! the linguine with clams looked good; so did the penne.

  5. Ooh, good to know! I was going to ask which location you ate at. I was going to go the UTC one cuz it’s closest to me.

  6. I didn’t try any, but the pasta dishes did look good! and huge! I’m not sure why the name change. Not much of a change..they just shortened it.

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