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CB’s Cupcakes

CB’s Cupcakes is a cupcake store and catering company that offers create-your-own cupcakes.

I’ve been really into the customized pizza places, so why not cupcakes?

The prices are pretty reasonable: $1.50 for a mini and $3.50 for a large. The process is simple. You choose your cupcake flavor, then your frosting, and then the toppings for the frosting.

Because the store front is pretty small, we got our cupcakes to go.

I was excited by the idea of customized cupcakes and the person who made them for us was super friendly. Execution though, was another story.

Key Lime Cupcake, Lime Zest Frosting, Graham Cracker Crumbs

This was Mr. K’s creation. It was quite a large cupcake and the frosting looked quite nice. Unfortunately, the size and appearance were about all I liked. The cupcake tasted like key lime, but it was very artificial tasting, like a grocery store cupcake.

Chocolate Cupcake, Chocolate Buttercream Frosting, Oreo Crumbs and Cotton Candy toppings

I got a mini cupcake. I liked that they have unlimited toppings, and they managed to cram both of my choices on the tiny cupcake. Like the key lime one, the chocolate one tasted artificial and dry. Out of the two, I thought the key lime was better, but I really didn’t enjoy either one.

We were both pretty disappointed by the cupcakes. It’s too bad because the idea seemed so great and the staff was very friendly.

CB’s Cupcakes
5620 Paseo Del Norte
Ste 123C
Carlsbad, CA 92008

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2 comments on “CB’s Cupcakes”

  1. CB Cupcakes used to be at the UTC food court before the remodel, and I think I’ve been to this location, too. I don’t remember all the customization, but I did like that they would frost the cakes when you bought them.

    • Ooh, I vaguely remember there being a cupcake place in the UTC food court before but I never went. I love the customization, I just wish the cakes tasted better