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Chin’s Miramar

We used to visit Chin’s Miramar for their weekend Shanghai style breakfast fairly regularly. But it’s been over a year since our last visit and a few weekends ago, I woke up with a sudden craving to visit.

They’ve spruced up the menu since my last time here. Now they have a separate menu for the the Shanghai breakfast, complete with photos of each dish available. (Menu at bottom of post.) Another thing is that they’ve changed the times. Breakfast doesn’t start now on weekends until 11 am.

Fried Cruller

The Chinese fried donut is of the savory kind. The fried sticks are a little on the oily side. They are often eaten by dipping it in warm sweet soy milk.

Sweet Soy Milk

So of course we ordered a bowl of the warm soy milk to go with the fried cruller. You can also order the salty soy milk which is more like a bean curd soup with pieces of fried cruller soaking inside.

Fried Tofu

Silken tofu cubes are deep fried and paired with a soy garlic sauce. This was actually a mistake on my part. I had meant to order something else and checked the wrong box.

Special Spare Rib Noodle Soup

The braised spare ribs are a popular Shanghai dish. The meat is braised to the point where it practically falls off the bone. It’s cooked in a slightly sweet sauce and usually accompanied with spinach. I was curious how this would work as a noodle soup. I enjoyed the meat and the spinach, but didn’t really like the soup which tasted like a watered down version of the sauce. DH didn’t like the sweet and salty combination.

Each of the noodle soups were accompanied with a plate of marinated cucumbers.

Beef Noodle Soup

When people ask me what my favorite version of beef noodle soup in San Diego is, I point them to Chin’s Miramar. While I still think their version is better than most in San Diego, on this visit, it was a little too oily. You can see the layer of chili oil sitting on top of the soup.

Stir Fried Rice Cakes with Pork and Pickled Vegetables

Chin’s always does a good job with the stir fried rice cakes, so I can never resist ordering them.

Black sesame rice ball soup

I really enjoy the rice balls here. It’s served with a fermented rice soup. We always order it for dessert.

Here are pictures of the menu:

Chin’s Miramar
9355 Kearny Mesa Road
San Diego, CA 92160

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4 comments on “Chin’s Miramar”

  1. I haven’t been there for their Asian style breakfast in so long. How was the wait ? Was it terrible? I wonder if their other locations offers the breakfast as well on weekends? But this location is my favorite –

    • It’s my understanding that this is the only one that offers the chinese breakfast. The other locations are more Americanized. Well, the one on Convoy does as well but it’s not under the same ownership (hence the name change, but the guy who owns it used to be in partnership with the Miramar one so he does the Chinese breakfast too). We were there right at 11 so no wait.

  2. I’m curious about their beef noodle – how would you describe it? I prefer mine with a spicy and full bodied soup that most restaurants can’t deliver. It may not be “authentic” but I find the ones that stick close to the beef noddle recipes in Taiwan are lacking a lot in flavor and depth

    • I think this is more Shanghai style than Taiwan. It’s a little spicy and it has a beef flavor. It’s not the best I’ve had, but probably the most beef flavored broth of all the places I’ve had in San Diego.

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