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Cocohodo Walnut Pastry Cafe

Cocohodo opened recently inside Zion Market. I had been really curious about this cafe for months, mainly because of my sweet tooth. I’ve never visited any of the other locations, so I didn’t really know what to expect.

I had imagined a cafe selling various walnut pastries. However, it’s actually just one pastry. They also offer a limited drink menu.

Since it’s in the grand opening period, they were giving out plenty of samples.

The walnut pastry is quite cute, shaped like an actual walnut. The outside is a pancake-like batter and the inside is a red bean filling with walnut pieces. It reminds me of the Chinese red bean pancakes sold as street food or Japanese taiyaki (the fish shaped red bean pancakes).

These would make great gifts though I’m surprised the store can survive when it only sells one main item.

(inside Zion Market)
7655 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, California 92111

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11 comments on “Cocohodo Walnut Pastry Cafe”

  1. I used to find these walnut shaped pastries at the local Korean market. Love to see there’s an actual place for it! I’ve been meaning to go to this place.

  2. Korean’s love their red bean pastry. Cocohodo is a chain – they also have one in Garden Grove.

    My mom scolded me for not getting her any walnut parties when I always visit SD, but now she’s ecstatic that she can buy it herself now. Uh oh.

    • I saw that there were locations in LA. I know red bean pastries are pretty popular for Chinese and Japanese too but I didn’t think it would be so popular that it can survive as a store that basically only specializes in that one item

  3. i’m glad you got to go and check it out. i’ll have to wait it out til i get some free weekend time. they look interesting but i don’t know if i’d want more than one or two.

    • Yeah i can’t imagine eating too many of them. But I think they might make a nice food gift if you are visiting someone’s house, etc.

  4. These look like baby versions of the red bean cakes they sell inside 99 Ranch market on weekends! But I cannot imagine these tasting very good if they’re not piping hot outta the oven or whatever.

    I haven’t visited the new Zion food court in some time so I think it’s time for a revisit

  5. I was at Zion this weekend and tried a sample. I wasn’t that impressed, but still found it reasonably good. I am also surprised that this is basically all they sell! People around me seemed to be pretty excited.

  6. We were here last week, got samples, bought a small bag of nine (still hot) ones and the nice lady added a two pack of ‘cold’ ones, for only $3.15! They are good the next day. Saw this machine inside Super H-Mart in Diamond Bar (last November 17) and two machine designs were in the front window at a storefront called Deli Manjoo. We were fascinated by the concept. We were here so early that coffee wasn’t ready and I am eager to try the shaved ice on the menu.

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