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Costa Brava

Costa Brava
1653 Garnet Ave
San Diego, CA
(858) 273-1218

This weekend my cousin came for a visit. I haven't seen her in ten years! It's absolutely crazy how time flies..It was her first visit to San Diego, so we did lots of touristy thing and lots of eating. She wanted Spanish food, so I thought of Costa Brava. I've been to Costa Brava before and really enjoyed the tapas there. I haven't had a chance to review it for my blog. I actually was unable to attend dinner, but my siblings took my cousin to Costa Brava and they took pictures. So this is going to be a mostly wordless post.

They ordered some tapas such as patatas bravas:

de bacalao

pinchitas morunas

pulpo a la gallega


pescaito frito

They also ordered some paella

For a post with more description, Kirk of mmm-yoso recently reviewed Costa Brava here.

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6 comments on “Costa Brava”

  1. Are you being serious??? That looks to me anything but spanish… and I know what I’m talking about as I’m Spanish… So this means that there’s a wonderful opportunity for business there… I gotta open a real spanish tasca… patatas bravas have to be small portions, either deep fried or boiled with sauce (a little bit spicy), pinchitos (not pinchitas) are normaly a moroccan dish, also served in southern Spain, and it’s grilled meat (pork, beef or chicken…whichever..) really spicy-hot, and there are no veggies attached to the skewered meat…
    So, thanks for the tip 😉 BTW, I love your blog!

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  3. hi caninecologne! Thanks for the recommendations. I didn’t know about the weekend deal. I need to try that sometime. Sounds like a good deal.
    Thanks for the ube macaron recipe! I’ll have to try this out when I finally learn how to make macarons. I’m still afraid to tackle making them.

  4. hi kirbie
    i liked costa brava the times i’ve been there (it’s in my older posts under spanish food)…their patatas bravas aren’t really spicy though. love their bread and also their fried bacalao balls. ha ha, that sounds funny. we also liked the serrano ham and the manchego cheese tapas.
    if you go on sat or sunday, you can get paella plus a tapa and dessert for $20.
    also, on another note, since you love ube so much, check out oggi’s recent post on UBE MACARONS! Nice!

  5. To sum it up:
    Everything we got was delicious…
    The pascaito frito was probably the most ordinary dish..but it seemed never ending. I swore I ate half the bowl just by myself but there was still a ton left at the end of dinner.
    Patatas bravas were excellent. great recommendation by kirk. the pinchitas morunas (skewered lamb) were very tender, raba and pulpo were delicious but the croquetas were just ok. nothing spectacular.
    the Paella was rather expensive..basically $40 for one platter ($20 per person, each order is for 2 people). It was VERY rich and flavorful. I must have eaten 5 pieces of bread and 5 cups of water just for one plate. Very salty but delicious! That’s why there’s complimentary bread…