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CREAM (“cookies rule everything around me”), an ice cream sandwich chain from the Bay Area, recently opened a location in San Diego.

It’s located right next to Bruxie, in the SDSU area.

The focus of the shop is its handcrafted ice cream sandwiches. For $2.99, you can choose two cookie flavors and an ice cream flavor. You can also add toppings for an additional charge.

Chocolate Chip Cookie, Double chocolate Chip Cookie and Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

The cookies are quickly warmed up before being served to you, so that you get that fresh-out-of-the oven cookie texture when you bite in. When I tried each element on its own, nothing stood out, but when eaten together, I found it quite enjoyable.

The cookies had a chewy texture which went quite nicely with the ice cream. I found myself liking this more than the other ice cream sandwiches in San Diego.

The CREAM taco

We also decided to try an ice cream taco. Served in a waffle taco shell, you get to choose 3 scoops of ice cream and 2 toppings. We chose green tea, pineapple coconut and toasted almond. For our toppings, we chose Nutella and cherries.

For the waffle taco, you can choose between red velvet or regular. We chose regular, though I’m quite curious about the red velvet. Maybe next time.

Overall, we enjoyed our ice cream desserts here. I’m not sure I’d go out of my way to visit especially with how difficult it is to find parking, but I’d stop by if I was in the area and it’s not too crowded.

CREAM, inc.
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4 comments on “CREAM, Inc.”

  1. I’ve been wanting to check this place out but I’m also afraid of the parking, haha. I’ll probably wait until summer when school is out and it’s much easier to get in and out of SDSU. The waffle taco looks awesome!

    • i’m afraid of parking too! luckily I had Mr. K to drive me around. haha. but yeah, definitely waiting until school is out or on break is better.

  2. Thanks for the preview! My friends and I plan to visit during our planned trolley crawl. We’ll be combining this with a visit to SDSU then cross the bridge. Parking is awful here, especially trying to get out since there is a blind curve to get back into College Ave.

    • yes, I hate the parking situation. I’d only visit with Mr. K because I don’t want to drive. When we were there, I was so tempted to eat at Bruxie too, since we had finally made it out there, but we had just come from dinner.

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