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Crepes Bonaparte Truck

Crepes Bonaparte, competitor on The Great Food Truck Race and originally from the LA/Orange County area, recently opened a second truck in San Diego. The truck serves French crepes, in breakfast, lunch and dessert varieties.

There’s been a lot of new food trucks opening in San Diego, and I can no longer keep track. Crepes Bonaparte caught my attention because I love trying trucks I saw on Great Food Truck Race and because I haven’t had a decent crepe in San Diego in quite a while.

The truck plays French songs, displays a mustache as its logo, and you’ll be greeted with a “Bonjour!”  The trucks are owned by husband and wife team Christian Murcia and Danielle Law Murcia. While neither of them are French, they do know how to make French crepes. The crepe makers are imported from France. Each truck has a French sounding name too: Gaston (Orange County) and Pierre (San Diego).

I stopped by for lunch the other day in the new downtown food truck spot (3rd and B). Unfortunately there was some snafu with the city so the other trucks had to leave the lot, but luckily Crepes Bonaparte was still around.

There were so many crepes on the menu I wanted to try, but I limited myself to two. I wanted to try one savory and one sweet one to compare.

Caprese sliced tomato, seasoned chicken, mozzarella & garlic pesto ($6.75)

The crepes are made fresh to order so you do have to wait a few minutes, but it’s fun to watch them being made from the glass windows. Though I was mainly distracted by all the jar of Nutella in the truck…

The crepe texture was perfect. Thin, crisp on the outside, slightly chewy and airy on the inside.

My crepe was absolutely loaded with ingredients too. Look at all the chicken. Even though the chicken looks plain it was actually well-seasoned. Combined, the ingredients tasted a lot like a pizza. Delicious. Priced at only $6.75 this would make a very satisfying lunch. Next time I’ll have to try the “In Da Club” which has bacon.

HazelBerryAna fresh sliced strawberry, banana & Nutella ($5.75)

I couldn’t leave without also ordering a sweet dessert crepe. I was in Nutella heaven. Nutella and strawberries are already a great combination and this dessert crepe was loaded with strawberries and Nutella.

You can also get a scoop of ice cream for an extra $1. The vanilla ice cream made this crepe even better.

I was really happy with my first taste of Crepes Bonaparte. After some poor crepe experiences in San Diego, Crepes Bonaparte restored my faith. I also found the prices quite reasonable. Most crepe restaurants are charging close to $10 per crepe and these crepes are priced between $4-7. You can check out the full menu here. The schedule is posted here and of course you can also follow them on twitter for updates and changes to the schedule. I can’t wait to revisit and bring the FH so I can try out more crepes from the menu.

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12 comments on “Crepes Bonaparte Truck”

  1. Ohhh, I wish we had food truck creperies in NYC! Those looks AMAZING! Good idea, checking out both sweet and savory;-)

  2. Totally mouth watering! I would definitely wait for their truck. Strawberries are my favorite and I will surely top it with ice cream. Can’t wait!

  3. Those pictures look delicious!!

  4. Cool! Those savory crepes look especially delicious. I just noticed that truck for the first last night. There seems to be a food truck gathering on certain Fridays at the Fellowship Church parking lot over in University Heights. Each time is a different group of trucks. I’m usually too tired to drop by and just head straight home. Thanks for sharing Kirbie.

  5. oh my gosh my mouth is wateringgggg! I haven’t had a crepe in 6 months, and I think it is definitely about time I head down to 3rd and B… 🙂

    • They are at other locations too if downtown is too far for you during lunch. I saw Sorrento Valley and UTC on the schedule too.

  6. Oh god, I just saw another typo… creeps. XD Perils of commenting past 2AM. But yes, I’m super excited to go track them down some time next week before finals start. >:D

  7. Oops typo: I’ve just *found

  8. WOW THEIR PRICES ARE UNBELIEVABLY CHEAP. The creeps they sell at the UTC farmers’ market and the farmers’ market on campus are so much more expensive. (although they do have Brie and more variety) BUT STILL! I love food trucks and I think I’ve just founds new one to stalk next week, hehehehe. The ones you ordered look amazing. :))

    • I thought the prices were really good too. Definitely check them out! I was happy with the portion sizes and the generous amount of ingredients.