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Cronuts from Vons

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but I tried Vons’ version of Cronuts last month, which are labeled “donut croissant.”

I kept seeing them when I was shopping and curiosity got the better of me.

The cronut copycats are not in the fresh donut section, but rather in the other bakery area with pre-packaged cakes, muffins, croissants, cookies, etc. They come in glazed or sugar coated and are packaged in boxes of four. I chose glazed as my favorite donuts are glazed ones.

Appearance-wise, these looked quite pretty and you could even see the flaky layers inside. The layer were very soft– too soft for a croissant texture. Most of the cronut copycats I’ve had taste like a fried croissant shaped like a donut. But these tasted only of donuts.

Actually because the layers were so soft, these actually tasted much better than the regular glazed doughnuts offered at Vons. The glaze also had completely seeped in, making them really sweet.

Conclusion: While these were the cheapest cronut copycat I’ve had to date, they didn’t taste much like cronuts. As a donut they were decent, but they failed as a cronut.

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  1. Hahaha don’t be embarrassed, these are the only cronut copycats I’ve had so far haha. I can’t seem to get lucky at Paris Baguette, and haven’t gone to the other places yet either =P Anyway, I pretty much feel the same way in that these are better than the regular donuts there. Didn’t know there was a sugar-coated version, though – I might pick those up since I normally like that more than glazed.

    • You should place an order ahead of time at Paris Baguette. The one inside Zion doesnt require a minimum, so you can just order 1 or 2. I think out of all the ones I’ve tried, Paris Baguette makes the best version I’ve had in SD, though I haven’t tried them all.

  2. I’m glad to see this review.I don’t remember how many times I’ve passed the isle and debating myself if I should get it. Thank God, i didn’t buy them.If they don’t taste like cronuts, the price is too high for doughnuts.

    • Yes, that is my thought too. While it may be a good donut, it’s more than $1 each, so much too high of a price for a donut. And I don’t think it tastes like a cronut at all.

  3. We lucked up on some at H-Mart’s Paris Baguette. They were very good. My husband described it as “angels dancing on my tongue.” We live just a couple minutes from Peterson’s in Escondido, and I’ve seen the reviews of theirs, but the last couple times we went there, the doughnuts were a little less-than-fresh.

  4. I agree aabout it being too high in price.
    Maybe after the current craze the price will drop ?

  5. I’ve never had a “real” cronut (yet). since you said this is more like a donut than a croissant, i might sit this out out. I prefer the flaky layers of a croissant.

  6. I tried Von’s cronut one time and I didn’t like it either. I had one in room temperature (65 degree) and the cronut was so tart, sweet and greasy. Then I heated up another one with conventional oven, and I could feel the layers of the cronut with better taste and texsure. The conclusion is I won’t buy cronut from Von’s.

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