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Dark Horse Coffee Roasters

photo of the outside of Dark Horse Coffee RoastersDark Horse Coffee Roasters is a popular coffee roaster in San Diego, with three coffee bar locations. It’s been on my to-do list to try for a while now, but it quickly moved to the top of my list when I saw that they also offer donuts from their craft vegan donut company, Skinny Donuts, which just happen to fit nicely on top of their coffee cups.
photo of the menu at Dark Horse Coffee Roasters
This past weekend, we stopped in for some morning fuel before heading out for a mini road trip. And because I have a serious weakness for donuts and it was a long weekend, we decided to get all four of the donut flavors offered that day.

Nitro Cold Brew, Maple Donut, Sprinkle Donut
Salted Maple Iced Cold Brew Latte, Matcha Donut, Cherry Pie Donut
Nitro Cold Brew and Salted Maple Iced Cold Brew Latte drinks with donuts ontop
The vegan cake donuts were moist and light. I’m always hesitant with vegan baked goods as they often have an unusual aftertaste or an unusual texture. However, these tasted just like regular cake donuts.
overhead photo of two vegan donutsphoto of a maple-glazed donut and sprinkle donut
We enjoyed our coffees as well. I preferred the salted maple cold brew latte, which is a flavor I haven’t had before. The maple syrup wasn’t too overwhelming or too sweet.

Overall, we had a nice first visit and would return again. The staff was very friendly and we enjoyed what we had here.

Dark Horse Coffee Roasters
multiple locations
3260 Adams Ave San Diego, CA

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2 comments on “Dark Horse Coffee Roasters”

  1. Ah, nice to see that you tried the salted maple latte! I’ve only had it from the North Park location. When you sent me your text photo, I thought you were at the Golden Hill location (whcih is why I asked about the soft serve). I need to pay the original location a visit and try those donuts as well. My first tme having a vegan donut was here several years ago but it was a different brand (it was much smaller and not that good to be honest). 

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