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Del Taco Crunchtada

I have a serious weakness for tostadas. I can never resist eating them if they are at a party or ordering it if it’s on a menu. So I was pretty excited when I saw the commercials for Del Taco’s new Crunchtada, which is priced at just $1. They also have variations with meat toppings for a higher cost.

I was sent a given a small gift card to try it out, so I went as soon as I got a chance.

The thick crunchy shell is topped with some refried beans, lettuce, and cheese. At $1, I thought this was a pretty good deal.

While there, I couldn’t resist ordering some of the other “Buck & Under” menu items.

Mini Bacon Quesadilla ($.75)

I loved how much bacon was in here.

Chipotle Beef Taco ($.75)

Jacked up Rice, Cheese, Bean Burrito ($.75)

I don’t have too many Del Taco locations nearby where I live so we don’t visit often, but I’ll definitely be back next time I’m in the mood for a tostada.

Please note, as indicated above, I was given a small gift card to try out the Crunchtada. I was not compensated for this review and my opinions are my own.

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4 comments on “Del Taco Crunchtada”

  1. That Crunchtada shell is thick and doesn’t get all soggy; the packaging makes it all fancy; I really like it (the chicken Crunchtada Pizza is a meal). There is a Del Taco near us; ate food from there first time when moving in (had no idea about Taco Shops back then and were tired from other fast food places we had been to while moving cross country)- the regular, Buck & Under and Buck & Over menus have some real gems (try a chicken soft taco), as does the Breakfast menu…the secret magical wonderful food items here are the burgers.

    • I love that it comes in fancy packaging too! I wish there was one closer to me. I mean the one I went to wasnt too far away, but it was nowhere near my usual route. I was really surprised at how many items are under buck.

  2. For some reason, the Crunchtada reminds me of elementary school lunch tostadas! Personally, I prefer Del Taco over Taco Bell. Although Taco Bell has some flavorful options, the crunchy taco shell at Del Taco is preferable because I don’t end up with a cracked taco shell (split into 2 sides) when I take the first bite. It is thinner and crunchier, too.

    • I don’t think I ever had tostadas in elementary school. Lucky you for having that option! I usually go to Taco Bell because it’s more convenient, but I really liked them menu at Del Taco and want to visit more.

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