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Diner En Blanc

photo of the tables and guests at Diner En Blanc
Last month, I got to observe the Diner En Blanc in San Diego. Diner En Blanc, which originated out of Europe is an all white picnic party that pops up in various cities for one night only. The location is kept a secret until the very last minutes, guests must wear elegant white clothes and bring their own tables, decoration and food.
photo of the venue for Diner En Blanc
Invitations are initially sent to a select group of people. Those people can in turn invite one guest, who then get to be on the list for the following year. You can also register on the waitlist to try to get an invitation.
photo of guests setting their tables for Diner En Blanc
This was the second year that San Diego participated in the event. I was lucky enough to receive an invitation both years, but the idea of planning a dinner party on a weekday was just too exhausting for me. So I did not attend last year, but I was definitely curious. This year, I was invited to sit in the media lounge area during the beginning to observe the event and the chance to participate after. I loved this idea. It gave me a chance to relax, observe, and still leave early.
photo of guests Diner En Blanc
Attendants could choose a shuttle stop closest to them when they signed up for the party and they were then shuttled to the secret location. At the last minute, it was revealed that this year’s event would take place at the NTC Promenade at Liberty Station.

Once guests arrived, they quickly began setting up.

People really went all out with the food and the table decor. Here are some of the highlights.
photo of a table setting at Diner En Blanc

close-up photo of the table settings

photo of the buffet table

photo of a table flower arrangement

photo of a table floral centerpiece

close-up photo of a centerpiece

photo of a centerpiece with decorations

photo of a long table with place settings

photo of a charcuterie platter

photo of a table decaorated with parasols

photo of a wine glass themed centerpiece

photo of a Paris-themed place setting

close-up of a place setting lit with candles

photo of a place setting with an entree
Once everyone was finished setting up, the was an official waving of the napkins to start the feast.
photo of the guests waving their napkins
Later on that night there was music and dancing as well.
photo of the guests enjoying dinner
It was fun watching the event unfold. I can definitely understand why people would want to attend and participate in this secret pop-up party. It’s a chance to do something different, meet new people and see some really fun displays.
photo of the light display for Diner En Blanc


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6 comments on “Diner En Blanc”

  1. Hi, Kirbie

    I am a Hong Kong student. I plan to organize Diner en blanc in my university. It is so hard for me to find a photos to make a poster for promotion. Is it possible for me to use your pictures? They are really nice and elegant.

    It is not for any business purpose. Just an activity for university gathering.

    Thank you very much for your later responses.


    • I’m sorry, but I do not wish to have my photos used. I suggest you contact the Diner en blanc organization and I’m sure they have a media kit or press photos which you are able to use.

  2. i’ve never heard of this at all. very interesting but smacking of exclusivity but i suppose that’s the appeal for some. i liked seeing the different foods at the tables and how people went all out for their ‘table scapes’!

    • it’s only recently started coming to the US. Last year was SD’s first year and LA didn’t begin participating until this year. I liked seeing all the different foods and table settings too.

  3. I’ve heard so much about this in the past but never had the courage (or I guess knowledge) to try it out. It looks incredibly fancy! But yeah, not sure how someone could do all this on a work day/night. It looks expensive too? But I bet it’s totally memorable.