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Do Re Mi House revisit

Do Re Mi House is one of our favorite spots for Korean food in San Diego. We love the nice staff and the unlimited amounts of banchan that leave us extremely full.

The last few times we’ve come, the place has been packed. It’s seems their business has really picked up since our initial visit, which you can read about here.

After we ordered, we were immediately started off with some pickled cucumber and noodles.

Afterwards, the banchan started coming. There were 10 total. More than I’ve had at any other place. And while the majority of them are vegetable based, I love that they are so generous with their banchan. Most Korean restaurants let you refill on these dishes, but at a lot of the ones I’ve been to, they aren’t so generous about giving you a refill. A lot of places won’t ask you if you want a refill and I hate to be the one initiating the request.

Here, they are happy to give refills. They even have a sign posted inside the store about it. In addition to the 10 banchan, there is also a steamed egg (Gaeran jim). I love, love steamed egg and I love how this one comes out still bubbling and cooking.

The prices have gone up since my initial post, so I should have take new menu pictures but I forgot.

I ordered the pork sparerib soup after reading a post about it on yelp by Faye.

I enjoyed this dish and we had come on a chilly night, so this was perfect. The meat was tender and came off the bone easily.

BF ordered the beef bulgolgi which was cooked with onions, mushrooms and broccoli. I liked how lean the meat was. At some places, the meat is full of chunks of fat.

Even though I knew we had too much food, I was craving dukboki, which was on their appetizer list, so I ordered it.

Unfortunately, I was not a fan of their version. This dish usually has ramen noodles, but it cost extra to add it. There were chewy rice cakes and dumplings and cabbage, along with a hard boiled egg. Even though the dish was served warm, it tasted like it hadn’t been freshly cooked, but had been sitting around and reheated.

Other than this dish, we liked everything else. They refilled out banchan dishes right before we finished eating, so we ended up packing up banchan with our leftovers. It’s amazing how we always end up with so much food here even though we just each order one dish. It’s enough for a full dinner and leftovers for the next day.

Do Re Mi House
8199 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 565-2085
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4 comments on “Do Re Mi House revisit”

  1. I just tried to go there for lunch the other week and the place was packed! They had THE BEST lunch deals at one point – I swear it was like $7.99 and included all the banchan! And i totally agree w/ you- I feel uncomfortable asking for refills on the banchan but this place, yeah, they never make you feel bad!

    I noticed they only offer the steamed egg thing w/ a full entree dish – not on lunch specials. Did you guys go for dinner or lunch this time around?

    I was browsing your previous post on this place and noticed that they no longer serve that pancake type banchan? I never had a chance to try that but it looked really yummy in your pic. What’s your fave banchan here – I love their seaweed one – so refreshing and ‘tart’.

    I think one of the owners name is Alfred. Super nice guy. Sometimes for lunch, they have a bento box that includes this fried mushroom w/ spicy crab appetizer. It’s ridiculously good ! If you see him, ask for it and he’ll (hopefully) make you one 🙂

    Nice post!

    • I went for dinner on this post. I haven’t had a chance to try going for lunch. But yeah, every time I come here now it’s super busy. The fried mushroom with spicy crab sounds delicious! I will have to keep that in mind and ask for it if I can make it for lunch. I like all the banchan here so I don’t really have a favorite. I especially like the cucumbers and the spinach. I don’t remember how the pancake tasted anymore. I know the banchan varies, so maybe they still serve it sometimes? Maybe you can request it next time =)

  2. You guys are making me hungry! I still haven’t tried this place yet but I’m moving it closer to the top of my list cuz I love gaeran jim!

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