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Do Re Mi House

Do Re Mi House
8199 Clairemont Mesa Blvd

San Diego
, CA 92111
(858) 565-2085

A few weeks ago Dennis from A Radiused Corner did a wonderful thorough post of various lunches he has had at Do Re Mi, which can be found here.  After reading his post, I had a real craving for Korean food.  There's quite a few Korean places on my list to try, but after seeing Dennis' post, Do Re Mi was on the top of my list.

I decided to check it out for dinner about a week ago.  It was a bit hard to find at night, as it's in a part of the Clairemont Mesa strip away from most of the restaurants.  We noticed a strip club, which stood out with its lights, and I remembered a comment from Dennis' post, and announced this was the plaza. Heehee. 

It looks like they have reduced some of the prices on the menu.   I took a few pictures of the menu, shown below.  But I think Dennis' menu pictures are better and can be found here.

We were informed that they served tea.  They offered black or green tea.  I was surprised.  I'm used to the barley tea, which I love.  We chose green tea.  After we ordered, we were immediately served quite a few free dishes.

First, we were given this pickled dish of cucumbers and clear noodles:

Next came a series of banchan. 

Along with the banchan, we were also given a complimentary steamed egg, as shown in the pictures.  The egg had a great flavor, with the broth and onions.  I enjoyed a lot of the banchan too. I don't know the names of any of them, but my favorites were the fish cake strips, spicy daikon, korean pancake, spinach, and bean sprouts.

One of my favorite parts of eating at Korean places are the banchan dishes.  I love places that have a good variety.  While the dishes are free, and you can ask for refills, most Korean places I've gone to will only ask once, and usually near the end of the meal. What really impressed me about this place was the fact that they kept refilling our banchan dishes.  They didn't ask, they just kept refilling.  They even gave us two sets of everything, since we had five people.  It got to the point that I kind of felt bad eating so many.  But it was good and it was in front of me, so I'd have some, and soon there would be a refill before we even finished.  Throughout the night we also got a couple of other dishes we didn't get at the beginning.

For example, these two:

Now onto what we ordered.  Boyfriend ordered the beef bulgogi.  One of his favorite dishes.

I was in the mood for some dumplings, and chose duckmando kuk, which is rice cake and dumplings in soup.  The rice cakes were nice and chewy, the broth a nice compliment to the rice cakes, and the dumplings were humongous.  I mean really big.  The biggest dumplings I've ever had. 

Little Bro, Baby Bro, and Baby Bro's gf all ordered soondubu.

The service was attentive and wonderful. I enjoyed the food, the prices were reasonable, and all the free banchan was delicious.  I definitely will be back!

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8 comments on “Do Re Mi House”

  1. i love the fish cake banchan too! the weather is getting cold here, so it’s perfect weather for soondubu!

  2. Hi Kirbie, been having trouble posting comments again so trying with a different browser.. Anyway, glad you enjoyed it here. I noticed Kirk had posted on DRMH a few years ago when with another owner. The dumplings look huge! Thanks for the mention. Cheers

  3. Hi Kirbie! I’m so hungry for Korean food now! The dumplings looks like the perfect thing right now since the weather is cooling.

  4. I agree! I’ve been craving soondubu, soups, and hot pot lately!

  5. Hi Dennis. Sorry to hear you are still having problems. What browser do you use? I can contact typepad and tell them there is a problem. What exactly happens when you try to comment? I used to have problems with Kirk’s, and I have to use internet explorer instead of firefox. Thanks for introducing me to this place! I’m excited to go back and try some more food.

  6. Soup dumplings are great for the cooling weather! I got hungry just writing my own post. Heehee.

  7. Hi Kirbie,
    I’ve been meaning to try this place and after your post, I will for sure will! I’ve been looking for a Korean place that serves the egg custard as a banchan! I remember your post about Walmido’s egg custard and haven’t found ONE korean place that serves it 🙁
    The dumplings look yummy. Was the skin really doughy? Or was it thinner?
    Also, I also had a hard time posting on your blog awhile back. I’d write something but the ‘post’ button was not enabled. It took a few days for things to start working again? Strange.
    Nice post! I’m going to try this place hopefully this wk!

  8. Hi Faye! The only two places I know that serve the egg custard is Walmido and this place. But I think it’s one of those things where it’s not consistently served and depends on the manager/owner.
    The dumplings had thin skins. More like wontons than dumplings.
    Do you remember what Internet browser you were using when trying to comment? I know I’ve had problems when using Firefox in the past, trying to comment on other typepad blogs. I’ll contact Typepad about it.

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